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  1. Rwe2156

    Miter saws for use close to a wall

    I saw one guy, he put a punch out in his wall to accommodate the rails. Pretty easy job on a framed wall. Maybe just the width of the stud is enough?
  2. Rwe2156

    Miter saws for use close to a wall

    I have the Bosch axial glide. I‘ll sum up a brief review by saying I wasn’t very happy at first, but now I am. My main complaint was the indexing lever is not only plastic - PLASTIC!, it was also loose, which cause a 2-3° wobble when locked into a slot. After tightening up the pivot screw and...
  3. Rwe2156

    Suggestions for clamping a desk longer than my clamps?

    If they are Bessey you can get an extender attachment.
  4. Rwe2156

    Sanding the Tabletop

    Job for a cabinet scraper or paint scraper. But not if you’re strong. Wear gloves!
  5. Rwe2156

    Seperation at glue up

    I would use epoxy, vacuum on other side to pull glue. Might be hard to get wood filler in a crack that small. Wood glue will shrink and may or may not last.
  6. Rwe2156

    Rule Joint

    Looks like ti came out nice. How are you finishing it?
  7. Rwe2156

    Entertainment center

    Its a good job, but I'm sorry but I'm saying it -- you cheesed out leaving those pocket holes open.
  8. Rwe2156

    Jig saw recommendation

    I have a very old Bosch - the model where you insert a screwdriver down the front to tighten the collar. I don't have that problem with my DeWalt, but its a much better saw.
  9. Rwe2156

    Dust Collector and Static Electricity

    I've had the hair on my arms stand up when close to the pipe, and I've been zapped a couple times by an aluminum blast gate. I gtrounded the blast gates since then. The static causing explosion/fire/spark thing has been thoroughly debunked. What Daniel described seems possible. On another...
  10. Rwe2156

    Router Lift?

    I have the Jessem lift and like it a lot. My only peeve is the plastic inserts. Had to do over, I'd get the Incra only b/c of the magnetic inserts. I had a Triton and it developed backlash in the height gears to the point that when you unlocked the collet it would drop by almost 1/8". This...
  11. Rwe2156

    Total Novice

    +1 on kiln dried lumber. If you can buy KD lumber rough, so much the better. I have air dried a ton on lumber this has its advantages, too, the main one being seasoned wood has less stress. But you have to fight insect infestation and you still have to get it down to 6-8% moisture for...
  12. Rwe2156


    1099's are supposed to get their own WC. I would check with your state or an insurance provider.
  13. Rwe2156

    Chair Repair Needed

    You want to know how to fix it? For any moderately knowledgeable shop, the repair would be easy. Start by regluing the seat. You will need to make some clamping cauls that conform to the curve so you can clamp straight across. Line with sandpaper to prevent slipping. After that, its just a...
  14. Rwe2156

    Bandsaw Blades

    Resawing I use Infinity blades (I don't know who makes them) and I have been very impressed. On my small bandsaw I just use Olsen blades. Get good use of them.
  15. Rwe2156

    Rule Joint

    Fine Woodworking has what you want. Just the other day I watched this video by Steve Latta. Here is another good article on rule joints. Here is one on drop leaf supports.
  16. Rwe2156

    Router plane suggestions?

    Boy it sure does!!
  17. Rwe2156

    Router plane suggestions?

    Don't buy junk. The old Stanleys work great if you can find one. I have a Veritas, only b/c it has the string inlay attachments. But I have never liked the adjustment on it. When the nut is tightened about as hard as I can, the iron till moves. And no, I'm not an old guy with arthritis...
  18. Rwe2156

    Dovetail jigs for router table

    Agree with learning by hand. Much more fulfilling & usually look better b/c you can do a narrower pin. If you only have a few to do, if you're somewhat proficient, you can have them done about as fast as the setup. That said, a lot of us do them by hand, but don't do them often. In those...
  19. Rwe2156

    Post what you're building..

    This year I’m making some kumiko lamps formChristmas presents. These are the panels.
  20. Rwe2156

    What Would You Buy with $2000?

    My first thought was dust collector. My second thought was jointer/planer. If you’re planning on building furniture a jointer and planer are pretty much indispensable. So is a dust collector. Personally, I only do stationary machines, but that also puts you in a much higher $$$ category ...

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