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    Smokeless firepit table

    My daughter wants me to build a surround table for her Solo smokeless fire pit. I laughed at that, but she then showed me photos of her brother in law's, and looking online I see a few. I was going to build on based on a picture I found, but wonder if I need to put some sort of heat deflector in...
  2. J

    Delta X5 drum sander (SOLD)

    I have had this in my hobby shop for about 12 =- years. It works well, but I want something bigger now. $300 here in Wilmington. If interested I will send over pictures to your cell. I am not skilled enough to post pictures here.
  3. J

    Free table saw fence

    I just upgraded my cabinet saw with a new fence. I hate to throw the old one away, so if anyone is near Wilmington and could put it to use, just let me know.
  4. J

    Working with heart pine

    I was given about 10- 8/4 x 10" x 10' heart pine beams. They are incredible looking and very dense. I have worked with heart pine before, but nothing this heavy and full of turpentine. I have a den in my home that was salvaged from an old Pender County church, built in the 1800's and it is all...
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    Fein Turbo II and Dust Deputy

    I have this setup under my mitre saw. I got lazy and let the 5 gallon drum under the Dust Deputy fill up and then the sawdust moved over to the Fein and the internal bag. I cleaned everything out and was going to order another dust bag but was wondering why a bag was needed. If I clean out the...
  6. J

    Undermount drawer slides

    I screwed up building a drawer to go underneath our kitchen sink. I forgot to allow for the 1/2" on each side for the slides. Now I am wondering why I could not just put the slides under the drawer? I do not have much vertical room, as I built the drawer to go underneath part of the hinges, but...
  7. J

    Bessey pipe clamps

    I must be dumb as a rock. I have these and rarely use them. I tried again today and realized why I never use them. The side with the screw drive is square to the pipe. The side that slides on the pipe is not. When I use them, it raises up the board closest to the side opposite the screw. It must...
  8. J

    Festool RAS 115

    Want $150 plus shipping. It has a soft pad and a box of 24 grit discs. I can text or email pictures if needed.
  9. J

    spring back on bent laminations

    I am building a table with a curved rail on the front. I wonder how to account for any springback. Anyone with experience in this please chime in. The rail will be in two parts, each 18" long by 3 1/2" tall. It may be short enough to not have to worry about it.
  10. J

    Hanging floating mantel

    I bought a 3"X 78" metal bracket from a company to hang a beam for my daughter. It screws to the wall and has five 1" rods that go into the beam to a depth of 6". Just wondering if anyone has drilled a beam for this and any hidden ways to screw it up. My plan is to drill the holes with a 1-1/16...
  11. J

    Issue with new Andersen windows

    I installed several large Andersen picture windows this summer. I peeled the protective film off as soon as I was finished. Now I find I have to clean the windows almost every week (I surely need to) as it almost immediately collected spots, dust etc. I guess it has a sticky residue left over...
  12. J

    Festool Kapex problem

    My blade guard will not function anymore. It caught, I heard a break and now it will not rise and fall. I searched for authorized repair dealers and it looks like you have to send it back to them. Has anyone with a Kapex ever fixed their blade guard?
  13. J

    Best clear deck sealer

    I just had my deck cleaned and want to put a clear penetrating sealer on. What is the best brand to use?
  14. J

    Heart pine

    I am looking for around five or six, 1X6 heart pine boards. I have called several suppliers but no luck so far. I am in Wilmington and have called Pittsboro and Gibsonville. Anyone know a place that stocks some HP boards?
  15. J

    Popular Woodworking Stepladder

    I am building the stepladder that was shown in a spring issue of Popular Woodworking. I have almost finished it and it calls for a leather strap on each side to be the angle restraint. One one side of the folding step ladder. I have never worked with leather before and do not know where to find...
  16. J

    Anyone built a Murphy bed?

    My daughter tells me it is her turn for my next project. She needs a Murphy Bed. Anyone here built one? I see Rockler has hardware kits. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  17. J

    member doing Green and Green

    There is a member here from the Morehead City area that does Green and Green furniture. Anyone know this gentleman?
  18. J


    I am looking for a good respirator for my woodworking and also I just bought a paint sprayer and will need one with that as well. Any advice appreciated.
  19. J

    Fugi Mini 3

    Just ordered this sprayer with the gravity feed gun. I am starting from ground zero with experience with spraying so any advice is appreciated. I will probably be spraying water based clear finishes, as I have been using wipe on oils prior.
  20. J

    adjustable hand sander

    I am going to be making some templates for the table just featured in Fine Woodworking. I need a relative long hand sander I can use to smooth out the curves in the templates. I remember on some site I visited awhile back, a plan for a sander that would adjust to the curves and then you could...

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