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    Flag Inlay Pen Problem

    That's interesting. I'll give it a try - got nothing to lose anyway. Thanks for the idea! There were a couple of extra inlays in the kit so I've sanded them down to nothing and captured the dust. I'm going to try to mix that with some clear epoxy and see what happens. Between the two ideas I'm...
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    Flag Inlay Pen Problem

    I'm working on a flag inlay pen but the white stripes did not fit tightly in the red barrel. The brass tube has been glued in but there are visible gaps between the white inlay and the red barrel, at least one of which is wide enough that you can see the brass underneath. I called Woodcraft...
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    Turnings for the wife to take across the pond

    Mark, I love that back scratcher. If you don't mind my asking, were is your wife from? When I was in the Navy back in the 80s we were stationed at Holy Loch and lived in a flat in Dunoon right on the waterfront instead of in the Navy's housing. We got to travel all over and had a fantastic...
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    Anybody ever turned a coffee bean blank?

    Dennis, Yes, it actually smells like coffee. Seriously.
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    Cracks in candlesticks

    Pete, I have no idea about the moisture content. I just picked it off the shelf at Woodcraft and turned it. Again, I just assumed that Woodcraft wouldn't sell anything unless it was ready to go. I'm pretty new to most of this. Should I invest in a moisture meter and start paying attention?
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    Cracks in candlesticks

    The blank WAS from Woodcraft and it was completely waxed on every surface. If you've got any idea how to tell if wood is dry before you buy it I'd love to know it. I just assumed if it was from Woodcraft it would be OK. I used a Forstner bit to drill the holes but I lifted it quite often...
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    Cracks in candlesticks

    Any thoughts on what happened or what I'm doing wrong? These cracks just appeared the day after I turned the candlesticks (cocobolo). My shop is cooler than the house but it's still shirtsleeves out there. Could the difference in tmeperature make these cracks appear? The ferrules aren't driven...
  8. Cracked candlesticks

    Cracked candlesticks

    Cracks that just appeared in two recently turned candlesticks
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    45-degree zero clearance insert

    Anyone have a good way to cut a 45-degree kerf in a left-tilt table saw zero clearance insert? I can't retract the blade far enough for the insert to fit in the throat at all; it just rocks on top of the blade. I tried resting it on a couple of thin slats laid at right angles across the throat...
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    How dumb can I be

    Don't feel too bad. I had a cardiac, um, "incident" :embaresse, (a small one fortunately!) once while using a riding lawn mower that I had borrowed from my next door neighbor who, sadly, was a Marine and who NEVER let me forget it! My advice is to think up a good story involving a damsel in...
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    Advice on a business license

    I have an opportunity to do some business with a state university providing pens as gifts for donors. However, the development folks at the university require that I be in possession of a business license and be "official." Sooooo, does anyone have any advice on starting a woodworking business...
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    CA finish problem

    Inspired by Alex's technique I've been working on CA finishes for my pens. I'm pretty pleased with the sheen but today after I took a Sapele Slimline off the mandrel I noticed these milky spots next to the center band. They weren't there when I first finished the final polishing. (Honest!)...
  13. Problem with CA finish

    Problem with CA finish

    Milky area next to center band.
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    +1 for Tom and the Ortho Home Defense. I've used their large size with the spray applicator for a couple of years with excellent results...
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    jet 8" jointer planer combo

    Travis, This is what I love about this site. Never occurred to me to wax things but I'll try. The sandpaper sounds like a good idea too. My pushpads are flat plastic with a kind of checkerboard pattern on the bottom and they don't grip very well at all. I haven't noticed a lip but if there...
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    jet 8" jointer planer combo

    First of all I'm a complete newbie so everything that follows is FWIW. (No wood was harmed in the making of this post but I won't be able to say the same after I get out to the shop later this morning.) I have the Jet 8" jointer/planer combo but it's not just the first time I bought one it's the...
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    Creating a cut list...

    Take the time to go through the SketchUp tutorials from the beginning. Have the tutorial and your own SketchUp window open at the same time and follow along. You can learn the basics in an evening or two. In a week you can be doing pretty advanced work.
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    Need help on how to send a custom pen to a marine

    I was a DPCS in another life so count me in.
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    Homebuilt case for surface plate?

    Anyone have ideas on building a carrying/storage case for a granite surface plate? Woodcraft had them on sale so I got one. We'll see if it helps with sharpening. The problem is that it's big (2x9x12) and HEAVY! I haven't weighed it but the Woodcraft guy seemed to think it was 20 lbs or so...
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    How accurate should a jointer fence be?

    The basic question is how much cupping and bowing in a jointer fence is an acceptable amount?:icon_scra Being basically a newbie I'm collecting what tools I can afford (and will fit in my one-car garage). Jet's 8" jointer/planer was too good to pass up. The price ($299.99) was right and it got...

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