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    1" Belt Sander

    I am looking foir a 1" belt sander that can produce a true 90 degree angle. Has not seen a good review on the Grizzly or Delta models. Anyone have a suggestion??? Thanks !!!!
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    Using Shoe Wax

    Has anyone tried using shoe wax instead of wood paste? I have been told is works just as good and costs a lot less.
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    Advice with French Polish

    Hi All, Back after a traveling for the last 6 months. I have french polished flat surfaces before, having very good results. Now I have a few pieces, platter stands, that are giving me fits. Picture a finial cut in half and glued to a flat surface. Everytime I wipe with the rubber, it...
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    Joiner Table Adjustments

    Hi All, I was given a 6" Central Machinery joiner and I am trying to get the 2 tables level to each other. When I put a straight edge to the 2 tables, the out feed table is fine, but the back of the in feed table (right before the cutter blades) has a gap that disappears as you get to the...
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    Infinity Router Bits

    I am looking to purchase a raised door router bit set, thought that Soomerfield/CMT set was the way to go. But just got a flyer from Infinity that has a set for the same price and includes a glue joint bit. I have several CMT bits and know they are great pieces, but have never used an Infinity...
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    Hi All, I just put up some nice knotty pine paneling in my basement, now looking to the bar area and having a time deciding what kind of wood to use in it that compliments the knotty pine. I am looking at the English Pub look with wainscoting and wood paneling. Any suggestions...
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    Finishing Knotty Pine Paneling

    Hi All, I am installing knotty pine paneling in my basement and was wondering the best way to finish the paneling. I do not want to darken the color, and I want to avoid the blotching and sap issues I might run into. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!!!

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