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    Flag Inlay Pen Problem

    I'm working on a flag inlay pen but the white stripes did not fit tightly in the red barrel. The brass tube has been glued in but there are visible gaps between the white inlay and the red barrel, at least one of which is wide enough that you can see the brass underneath. I called Woodcraft...
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    Cracks in candlesticks

    Any thoughts on what happened or what I'm doing wrong? These cracks just appeared the day after I turned the candlesticks (cocobolo). My shop is cooler than the house but it's still shirtsleeves out there. Could the difference in tmeperature make these cracks appear? The ferrules aren't driven...
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    45-degree zero clearance insert

    Anyone have a good way to cut a 45-degree kerf in a left-tilt table saw zero clearance insert? I can't retract the blade far enough for the insert to fit in the throat at all; it just rocks on top of the blade. I tried resting it on a couple of thin slats laid at right angles across the throat...
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    Advice on a business license

    I have an opportunity to do some business with a state university providing pens as gifts for donors. However, the development folks at the university require that I be in possession of a business license and be "official." Sooooo, does anyone have any advice on starting a woodworking business...
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    CA finish problem

    Inspired by Alex's technique I've been working on CA finishes for my pens. I'm pretty pleased with the sheen but today after I took a Sapele Slimline off the mandrel I noticed these milky spots next to the center band. They weren't there when I first finished the final polishing. (Honest!)...
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    Homebuilt case for surface plate?

    Anyone have ideas on building a carrying/storage case for a granite surface plate? Woodcraft had them on sale so I got one. We'll see if it helps with sharpening. The problem is that it's big (2x9x12) and HEAVY! I haven't weighed it but the Woodcraft guy seemed to think it was 20 lbs or so...
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    How accurate should a jointer fence be?

    The basic question is how much cupping and bowing in a jointer fence is an acceptable amount?:icon_scra Being basically a newbie I'm collecting what tools I can afford (and will fit in my one-car garage). Jet's 8" jointer/planer was too good to pass up. The price ($299.99) was right and it got...
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    Repairing fingerprint in lacquer

    Two questions actually: 1) I have a red oak circular hourglass base about 8" in diameter that I've tried Deft's brushing lacquer on. I'm pleased with the overall finish but I can see a fingerprint and a couple of small runs. Is there a way I can repair just those spots? This is the first...
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    Ogee profile on circular base

    I'm making an hourglass and need some advice on the bases. The plans show an ogee profile around the circumference of each base but this is something I haven't done before. I turned a guide block out of pine that I could stick to the base and let the bit bearing ride along it but I wonder how...
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    New thread

    I've been away for a while and wanted to ask for some ideas on how to do something but for the life of me can't figure out how to start a new thread. Has something changed or am I missing something obvious? Thanks.
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    Pen & pencil set

    Here's a pen & pencil set I turned for a family friend who's going to be a State freshman in the fall.
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    Where can I get one of these?

    I have a friend who would like to acquire an item similar to the one shown below for her husband for his birthday or Christmas. If anyone knows of a possible source I would appreciate you letting me know, here or in a PM. If you're able to make one for her please let me know that as well. Many...
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    Recent pens

    I've been experimenting with different materials and had some success. This is my first attempt at intersecting segments. It's a Blue Saphire acrylic with white Inlace Acrylester accents at 60 degrees. (I gotta make a miter sled for my TS - sanding the bandsaw marks away is a pain!) Maybe I...
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    MDF or Ply?

    I'm getting ready to build a cross-cut sled (Shop Notes #99). The plans call for a ply base. I don't have any ply but I've got quite a lot of MDF. Is there any reason I shouldn't use the MDF for all of it (base, fences, etc.)? Thanks for the help.
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    Pen blank glue-ups

    Anyone have a feel for pen blank materials that should NOT be combined? I'm moving away from pens made from a single blank into gluing different colors together and I'm wondering what kinds of materials don't do well. My first effort was this satin gold slimline with pink ivory and piece of...
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    Live center/buffing system question

    I just bought PSI's three-wheel buffing system and a heavy-duty 60-degree live center for the tailstock. When I advance the tailstock it looks like the point of the live center is what makes contact inside the dimple on the end of the buffing system shaft. Is this correct? I'm new to turning...
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    1st Gloat

    Finally finished my version of the Wood Magazine workbench. I added a laminated top over the MDF, beefed up the feet, and put 3" wheels on one end so I can move it around in my garage retreat. Maybe one day soon I'll even turn something!
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    Drilling long blanks

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to drill a blank past the limits of your drill press or lathe? My machines can handle 2 1/2" but I need at least 3 1/2" for the blank (woodworker's pencil). Standing in my garage staring at my drill press and waiting for inspiration hasn't seemed to help...
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    Block Plane Tune-up

    I have a Stanley 7" block plane that I'm having problems with. If I lower the iron far enough to bite, the top of the iron contacts the front of the mouth so the shavings have nowhere to go. The mouth isn't adjustable. It only cost about $20 at Lowes if I remember correctly but I don't have...
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    Wiring Delta 50-760 for 220V

    Does anyone have any experience changing a Delta 50-760 dust collector over to 220V? I have the proper replacement switch but the wiring diagram inside the switch box cover is making me feel like a monkey trying to program a VCR. I can send pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks.:BangHead:

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