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  1. mpholway

    Rockler Workbench Casters

    I have 2 sets of Rockler bench casters for sale. They list at $65.99. I am asking $35. The load rating is 400#...
  2. mpholway

    Sanding a tabletop (slab)

    Hello all, I have a 36x48 table top that I would like to run through a belt sander. In the past I would have taken it to the Hardwood Store of NC but they have changed their policy and will only provide sanding services for wood that was purchased at their store. On this particular project I...
  3. mpholway

    Router bit slipping

    Hello all, I have a Porter Cable router with a 1/2 " collect. I am trying to rout a 60" table top and the bit keeps slipping, irrespective of how much I tighten it. Any thoughts on what is wrong, needs to be fixed, adjusted, replaced? Thanks, Matt
  4. mpholway

    Torch wood "staining"

    Hello all, Do any of you out there have any experience torching wood as part of a finishing process? I am going to try it and looking for recommendations re torch recommendation. Thanks, as always, Matt
  5. mpholway

    Pedestal Table Design Question

    Good day to all, I am building a 58 inch pedestal table and need to know how big the base should be to ensure that it is stable. Where might I get this information? Is there some formula or might this information be published somewhere that eludes me? The base will be half-lapped 8/4...
  6. mpholway

    Wood turning group near Raleigh

    Hello all, I have a friend in the RTP area who is interested in starting up with wood turning. Where might I direct him to get started? Thanks as always, Matt
  7. mpholway

    Assorted Router Bits for sale (they are all sold)

    I recently purchased a large quantity of router bits on an online auction and have a few dozen that I do not need and would like to give you all a chance to purchase any if you might be interested. I am going to price then according to the following schedule: Number Purchased Percent of...
  8. mpholway

    How is it that I am a "New User"

    I have been active on NCWW for years and have 247 posts. I just went to post something for sale and discover that I cannot because I am a "New User". Why is this?
  9. mpholway

    Cabinet question

    Hello all, My son just bought a 1965 brick ranch with great bones and I am in the midst of doing some renovations. They would like to remove the center post from the cabinets in order to accommodate wider dishes and I need to know if that will cause issues. (Photo attached) The cabinets are...
  10. mpholway

    HiPURFORMER Advanced Bonding System

    To all, I have 6 tubes of Titebond HiPURFORMER Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive that I would like to GIVE to anyone one who might be interested or have need. Regards, Matt
  11. mpholway

    led strip/tape lighting

    Hello all, I am building a large (12 ' x 12 ') library shelving unit with a rolling library ladder. I would like to install some hidden led lighting but have no experience with it. Lee Valley has some kits but the are very expensive. See link below. Does anyone have any experience or...
  12. mpholway

    Need to protect an outdoor project and cannot use poly

    I used Restore-a-Finish to clean up a pair of benches made out of a reclaimed "This-end-up" bunk bed (see image attached) . The bench is intended for outdoor use so I need to put on a protective coating. It states very specifically on the can label to not use a poly finish. Does anyone have...
  13. mpholway

    Musings regarding NCWW

    As I was working the Klingspor event in Cary on Saturday I had the opportunity to talk to many attendees about the benefits of being part of the NCWW community. Thinking about it prompted me to share some of those thoughts with you all... It occured to me what a special group of enthusiasts we...
  14. mpholway

    Front Vice recommendation

    Hello all, I am about to add a front vice to my workbench and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share thoughts/recommendations? Thanks in advance, Matt
  15. mpholway

    Urn medallion needed

    Hello all, I am building an Urn for a neighbor and I am in need of an Army medallion. I live in Durham, I am near Pinehurst quite often on the weekends and I will be in Greensboro on Friday morning for the "Estate sale with Antiques and High End Tools". Estate Sale link...
  16. mpholway

    Raleigh CL posting for Delta Unisaw
  17. mpholway

    Walnut Segmented Dining Table is finished just in time to be a Christmas gift!

    To all, Thanks for your assistance suggestions way back when with the table build. The surface of the table is 48 inches wide, 108 inches long, and 1 1/8 inches thick. It is made with 130 segments of walnut. Build details… 1) Joined, planed and cut each of the 140 segments (thank you to...
  18. mpholway

    RDU CL Delta Desk Top Jointer

    Look like a great buy for a smaller shop...
  19. mpholway

    Advice Needed on a Dining Room Table Project (Continued)

    This is a continuation of an earlier posting as the previous thread has been closed. I try to write shorter entries, but every once in a while…. My adventure on Saturday was one for the books. I started out in on Friday night loading 48” x 108” walnut table top into the bed of my truck. I...
  20. mpholway

    Temperature adjustments when away from the shop

    I would like to hear some thoughts on something that I had not considered until my wife raised a question. I live in Durham and drive for 80 minutes down to West End (near Pinehurst) almost every weekend. We usually arrive in West End Thursday evening and depart Sunday around 6:00 PM. At West...

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