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  1. walnutjerry

    10 years - cigarette free

    I put the cigs down after 48 years in 2008. Do not ever want one anymore and do not do the e-cigs either. I am still coping with COPD though after being diagnosed in 2010.
  2. walnutjerry

    Turning Green Oak

    It will continue to dry out and end up egg shaped.
  3. walnutjerry

    Chair Repair Needed

    Who made the chair? I think I would contact the maker for a replacement. Would be tough to make a warranted repair.
  4. walnutjerry

    8 inch Powermatic jointer - $800 (Wilmington)

    this is a good jointer at less than half new price. If I did not already have that model I would be all over it
  5. walnutjerry

    Wood choice for farm house trestle table

    In regards to what wood to use, the people in earlier times used what they had or was available to them locally. We once owned an old farm house (built in 1923) that still had the dining table in it built by the original owner of the house. The stand or legs and aprons were red oak, the top was...
  6. walnutjerry

    Timber Wolf BS blade

    I have used the TW blades for several years and their method of tension works for me.
  7. walnutjerry

    Thinner bench grinder wheels?

    Any millwork company that uses a profile grinder for the molding operation could point you in the right direction to buy thin grinding wheels.
  8. walnutjerry

    Air Powered Nailer Technique?

    I read somewhere the fastener should be 3 times the thickness of the material being fastened. Thus, a 3/4" material needs a 2 1/4 " long fastener. Do not remember any reference as to whether it applies to nails, brads, screws, or whatever. Has anyone else heard of that ?
  9. walnutjerry

    Yikes Walnut prices

    One thing I learned with my time spent employed with a millwork company was walnut is in a world of its own when it comes to grading standards. Even insect damage is not a defect in any lumber!! Go figure.
  10. walnutjerry

    Satin not satin

    I used the minwax satin over acrilyc on game boards when I was doing craft shows. My final steps were very lightly touch with 240 grit or finer and lastly a piece of brown paper bag rubbed over it lightly. worked for me.
  11. walnutjerry

    need to round over inside edge

    I think what you may have in your mind is a riffler. That is a small file for detailed carving. Should do the job for you.
  12. walnutjerry

    White oak outdoor bench and boiled linseed oil

    BLO and you r good to go
  13. walnutjerry

    Decision made to downsize "shop" - upcoming "clean-out sale"

    The time spent with those boys will render far more rewards than a hobby.
  14. walnutjerry

    Belt Sander

    true words spoken.................been there done that
  15. walnutjerry

    Not certain what this is

    looks more like a small fro to me. Would be used in basket making to rive out splits.
  16. walnutjerry

    Advice on a chuck

    I have said quite a few times.............."gear your purchase of equipment to what you want to do". But if you want top quality be ready to pay more. There are a multitude of options out there.
  17. walnutjerry

    Advice on a chuck

    Have you checked out Penn State Industries? Lathe Chucks at Penn State Industries I have 2 chucks from them and a Oneway , one from Grizzly, and another small off brand . OneWay is the best and most expensive. The "Barracuda" chucks from PSI have served me well------they come with several...
  18. walnutjerry

    Turning Classes near Asheville

    I believe JCCFS offers week long and weekend classes----------maybe a weekend there would work
  19. walnutjerry

    Turning Classes near Asheville

    check out John C Campbell Folk School. They offer a lot of turning classes. Located in Brasstown, NC
  20. walnutjerry

    Where to find Jet Drill Press handle

    If you know a machinist he can make one for you. My son made one for me.

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