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    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Need to build a bunch of bee hives (including frames), so I am looking for some 10" and 7" wide (finished width), 4/4 and some 6/4 rough cut boards. Longest piece is 20", so short stuff is fine. Lumber doesn't need to be fully dried, 15% MC or so is fine; it is going outdoors. Need to have...
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    Oscillating Edge Sander

    ...I am contemplating getting an oscillating edge sander. After searching around and reading on-line reviews (mostly worthless), I narrowed the choices down to Grizzly G0564 and G9984. All other sanders in this price range appear to be clones of each other anyway; Grizzly had the best price...
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    Elu Biscuit and Router on Raleigh Craigslist

    Folks, There is an Elu biscuit jointer and router on sale on Raleigh Craigslist. The two tools are the originals, not the junk after B&D bought the brand name. The biscuit jointer (I have the same model) is on par if not better than Festool or Lamello. Cheers, Bernhard
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    Possible Deal at HD

    This was posted on sawmillcreek. If it turns out to be correct, it will be a **** of a deal. Cheers, Bernhard
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    Looking for ~100 bfd 4/4 poplar

    Hello, Does anyone out there has some spare poplar for sale close to Durham? I am looking for about 100 bfd of 4/4 poplar , but must be dried (i.e ready to use). Cheers, Bernhard
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    Source for door skins

    I am refinishing some interior slab doors. Some of the doors need to build up slightly to consistent thickness. So, where can I find door skins in or near Durham? I like to get the thin 'stuff' about 3/32 or so thickness. Any hint, tip, advice is appreciated! Cheers, Bernhard
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    Door Handle Sets

    Folks, I am searching for some decent quality, contemporary door handles for interior doors (passage, privacy and dummy levers). I am having a hard time finding anything decent. Apparently there are no local sources, and even on the net I can't find anything decent. So far the only good...
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    Need 6/4 White Oak

    Anyone out there has and wants to sell some white oak (6/4)? I run out and need about 50 bfd ( or more). Air dried is fine. The wood will be used for stair steps. Thanks, Bernhard
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    New Felder Sliding Saw on Ebay

    Saw this on Ebay: This seems to be a new, never installed K500. It would be a **** of a deal ...and a nice X-mas present! Cheers, Bernhard
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    Schepach on sale at Amazon

    The Scheppach sharpening system (equivalent to Tormek), just got a lot more affordable. Amazon has it for on sale for $151.94 with free schipping...
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    Solar Kiln Short Course at Virginia Tech

    Folks, I contacted Brian Bond, Ph.D. of Virgina Tech at Blacksburg. He is one of the principals involved in the Solor Kiln Design and Operation. He along with Fred Lamb will offer the 5th Drying Lumber with a Solar Kiln Short Course on April 26 and 27. Web Site: Drying Lumber with a Solar...
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    Wixey or Digi-kit Saw Fences

    Folks, Anyone out there using a DRO on the table saw fence? I just bought a couple of DROs for my planer and wide belt sander. One was off-brand (ebay), the other was from digi-kit (US made in Fletcher NC by Accurate Technologies). The DRO from Accurate Technologies was less expensive and...
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    Maloof Occasional Chair Making Class at JSR

    Folks, Attended John's chairmaking class this weekend. I highly recommend it without any reservations! John is a very good teacher and an even better chairmaker. Having never made a chair and having only experience in semi-commercial cabinetry, this class was great! After this first...
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    Folks, Has anyone out there heard of, seen or even used Plyboo? Plyboo is plywood manufactured from bamboo. In the latest Fine Homebuilding 'Kitchen and Bath' issue, there is an article featuring a kitchen made from Plyboo. It looks really cool, I like the contemporary look of the Plyboo...
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    Vacuum Veener Press

    Folks, After cleaning up the workshop, I have finally collected all necessary items to build a vacuum veneer press. It will be loosely based on the '' design. So here is my question: Has anyone build one of his systems? And how was the outcome? I have a couple of pumps...
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    Checking for Squareness

    Folks, look at the video:YouTube - Checking for square It is ingenious, I will start making a couple tonight! I've got some extruded aluminum left, probably better suited than wood. The device is so simple and elegant!! Bernhard
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    Tool Gloat

    Remember that thread? It was about an exfactory in Matthews, NC. Well, I bid on the Cehisa edgebander...and got it. All the machines came from a small shop, the owner was retiring. Edgebander is is A+ shape, well maintained, other than...
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    Folks, There is an auction (closing tomorrow) for single phase equipment located in Matthews, NC on the site. Nice table saw, shaper, radial arm and a 16" jointer. Right now bidding is at $50 to 100. ..just don't bid on the edge bander (I want that one). Bernhard
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    Minor Tool Gloat

    Folks, Went to the HD in Durham (Moriah Road) yesterday to get a replacement DeWalt 14.4V battery. Well the price was $80. BUT right next to it there was a 14.4V DeWalt impact Driver on sale: reg $239 marked down to $129. So I couldn't resist. Since the impact driver included two new batteries...
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    Laguna Tools Fiscal 2005 Year End Sale

    Folks, Just received an email from Laguna Tools. They are running a couple specials for their fiscal year end. In particular they have the LT16 Bandsaw package for sale (incl delivery) for $1695. The LT 16 is a nice bandsaw, made in Italy with an American-made motor. Bernhard

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