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    10 years - cigarette free

    I quit cold in 1978 the day my daughter was born. Nice to see her grow up!
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    Jig saw recommendation

    I also have the Bosch. It is a great saw…
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    Cleaning Saw Blades

    I been using oven cleaner on all my saw blades and router bits for many years. Don’t listen to the tales about oven cleaner ruining the braze on the carbide tips. It just isn’t true. Spray the oven cleaner and let it sit for about five minutes. Rinse with water and All the crud will brush off...
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    WTB Birdseye Maple pieces

    Thank you for the offer, but I just bought A few bf and aim okay for a while, Matt.
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    WTB Birdseye Maple pieces

    Depends on how populated the birds eyes are? If highly populated, you probably passed up a good deal. I pay $30 a bf for it if the birdseyes are dense.
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    End Grain Glue Joints Are Weaker, Right?

    That made a believer out of me. Thank you for sharing that…
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    Band Saw blade advice needed.

    Mike: NOT a stupid question. A long long time ago when I was a pup, I put a new blade on my saw, and had the teeth pointing up. I returned the blade thinking the teeth were pointing the wrong way! ha …
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    Padauk splines / sawdust

    Seal with shellac…
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    Padauk splines / sawdust

    Try sealing the light colored wood BEFORE cutting the slots for the splines. if you have a thickness sander, use it to ”sneak up” on the exact thickness of the spline material.
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    Cherry vs Oak for Library Table project

    Try World Timber Corp in Hubert, NC. Pretty close to you…
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    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    My out building has no insulation, nor any HVAC, but I do run a dehumidifier when the humidity is very high or when it rains. I do not have any rust problems.
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    Ambrosia Beetle Problem

    I did this on a table I made. I’m not endorsing this as safe, but it works: put it in a large plastic bag, and dump a can of boric acid in there. Let it sit for a few weeks, then wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Bye bye bugs…
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    what is this

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    Satin not satin

    Instead of a traditional abrasive, try crumpling up a brown paper bag as an alternative abrasive.
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    Yikes Walnut prices

    Inflation plain and simple.
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    WTB walnut with sapwood

    Hi Matt. I am also a fan of mixing heartwood and sapwood. Here is a pic of some Cherry boxes with sapwood. Cut this tree in my back yard. I probably have some walnut with sapwood I can get to you, but would have to Mail or pony express. I’ll take a look today and see what I can spare.
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    Decimal, fraction or metric

    I use all 3 also, but not because I want to. I have worldwide customers and have to conform to their system. My brain prefers inches and feet and I convert metric to decimal as that is what I was taught in school.
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    9” Sanding disks free

    I have 11 of these - never used. One is 36 grit and the other 10 are 80. They are not hook and loop, no adhesive either, just raw backing. Send me $10 via PayPal or Venmo to cover Priority mailing and they are yours.
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    Sawstop Ordered, Options?

    I have the 3 HP Sawstop pro For about 10 years now. It is a great saw, but my mobile base broke twice. But I use it very often - about weekly as the saw is stored in an outbuilding and I roll It outside onto a concrete, covered patio Where I do all my sawing. The pedal mechanism has a pin...
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    White oak outdoor bench and boiled linseed oil

    I am unsure if this is the preferred finish for an outdoor bench. I have heard of blo and a mixed concoction of additives. What say you?

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