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    9” Sanding disks free

    I have 11 of these - never used. One is 36 grit and the other 10 are 80. They are not hook and loop, no adhesive either, just raw backing. Send me $10 via PayPal or Venmo to cover Priority mailing and they are yours.
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    White oak outdoor bench and boiled linseed oil

    I am unsure if this is the preferred finish for an outdoor bench. I have heard of blo and a mixed concoction of additives. What say you?
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    Wanted to buy - Ebony

    African ebony (black). Any sizes, any quantity - big boards or scrap pieces. Please PM me if you have some for sale.
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    Small boxes for Christmas gifts

    These are fun, (but not easy) to make. They take very little material and make nice gifts. I made 7 of em - probably took me 20 hours. These are designed to hold business cards, but can be used to hold trinkets or jewelry. (My wife confiscated one to put her rings in).
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    Hold down small pieces for routing using nano tape.

    I needed to rout some small planks. Screwed down a small piece (slightly smaller than the piece that was to be router) of plywood To my workbench. Then used two pieces of Double sided nano tape to stick down my small plank to the plywood. This temporily and securely held down the small plank...
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    Wood Identification Help

    Hoping someone can tell what species this is...
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    Anyone recommend a cordless router?

    Thinking about getting a small cordless router, just to use for very light work. Mostly inlays. I like the idea of the Ryobi 18 volt one plus as I have several of the one plus tools, and 5 batteries. Has anyone tried one of these? Or recommendation of a different one...
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    Making perfect miters for your inlay bandings.

    Several people have asked me how I get such "tight" miter and butt joints with inlay bandings, so I thought I would share my procedure. Maybe there is a better, or an easier way, but I have had excellent results this way. Maybe someone out there knows an easier or more efficient way. I...
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    Oversized TV Tray made from walnut with inlays.

    Just finished - well almost. The legs need finishing, but the top is done, and I got to use it for lunch. We frequently eat while watching TV, and the commercial tray was just too small at 14 X 18. This one is 16 X 27. And it looks a lot better. The inlay banding is redheart (AKA Chakte Kok)...
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    Suggestions for finishing salted maple

    Got hold of some nicely figured black-line spalted maple from which I made some inlay banding. Really beautiful stuff. However, it is very porous (It’s solid and not punky- just porous) and just sucks up finish. Tried 6 coats of lacquer, and still didn’t get it sealed. Painting on epoxy with an...
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    High grade maple or birch plywood needed

    Wanted: A piece of Cabinet grade, Birch or maple plywood with some figure. Curly preferred, but Birdseye maple or some other figure. Has to be at least 33” square. Thickness is not an issue. can anyone out there help? Thanks for looking. Matt...
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    Wood / tree identification

    I’m fairly good at identifying Long grain woods, But I’m not sure about this end grain piece. Maybe Red Oak would be my best guess, but just a guess. I would suspect you sawyers might have a more accurate description. Anyway, it turned out pretty nice, and I was surprised by the rays emitting...
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    Need help enlarging a picture.

    Hi Folks, I know there are a bunch of widely talented people out there and I was hoping someone can help. I want to make this stylized nautilus in wood (curly maple, and walnut) for my daughters Florida home. Problem is, I dont know how to accurately enlarge it. The nautilus needs to be 28”...
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    Cool Maple and Cedar Live-edge Small Outdoor Table

    Just finished. A fun way to spend Corona lockdown time. Base is cedar. Top is Ambrosia/spalted silver maple. Finished the base with polyurethane. The top was obviously done using bar-top epoxy. Hoping this will hold up well outside, but under cover, and taken inside when the weather is bad.
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    Portable Dust Collector for sale

    Portable dust collector. I used this outside to keep sawdust from building up in my yard and it worked great. Now I have closed my indoor shop which had a larger, but portable collector, now moved to the outdoor shop, so I don’t need this one anymore. I bought this new from Woodcraft in 2010 for...
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    Is Bar-top epoxy finish food-safe?

    if not, what is a good food-safe finish For a serving board?
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    For Sale: 4" PVC pipes and connectors for dust collection

    What you see in the picture is what you get. $15
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    For Sale: Delta 12" Bandsaw, Model 28-190

    It's old, but runs like new. $100 Even has custom Tensioning (Vice Grips) which work great. Roll around base.
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    For Sale: Hanging Air Cleaner/filter Grizzly G0738

    Paid $150 in 2015. Lightly used. Grizzly G0738. If you google this (G0738) you will get all the specs. Asking $75. Working Remote included. Works like a champ!
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    For Sale: Portable Dust Collector

    Here is a link to a short movie clip showing this in action. I bought this new in 2010 from Woodcraft for $188.99. It has served me well, and is still in good condition, except for the casters which are broken or gone. It is not very heavy - maybe 15...

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