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    Best wood for making a cutting board

    I just completed an end grain cutting board with the cut offs from my brother’s pre-fab butcher block countertop. Perk of this recycled board is that I had to do one glue-up. His kitchen sink slot was just enough for a cutting board about 1in thick. But there were some pieces with voids which...
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    Tile wall to drywall bathroom remodel - hvac supply fix

    Thank you both for your input. I too wish the job had been done correctly the first time, but we live and learn. I believe all suggestions are valid. I think the easiest solution would be to add a recessed frame around it to make it look as clean as I can without messing up the duct work. I have...
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    Tile wall to drywall bathroom remodel - hvac supply fix

    My mother had her bathroom remodeled from 60s style thick half wall tiles to drywall, but the drywall is thinner than the now removed tile wall. The problem I noticed is that the hvac supply vent sits away from the drywall. And the hvac duct is fixed inside the wall. I am wondering if anyone...
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    Help - Gravel driveway and weed control

    I’m sure there are a couple of members out there with a gravel driveway. I was hoping some of you can share secrets to controlling weed growth in the driveway. I know Roundup is probably the easiest solution, but I would like to also prevent weeds from growing. I am not too knowledgeable with...
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    Four Sided Chamfer tabletop Panel

    I guess I should have added the link for reference. I agree with you both - Fred made a good point.
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    Four Sided Chamfer tabletop Panel

    First off I’m not sure how better to explain what I am trying to explain besides the current title - so my apologies in advance. I was watching a YouTube video and saw a design which I haven’t seen before. The A Glimpse Inside channel created a coffee table for March of Dimes but chamfered every...
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    Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay

    I watched an interesting wood turning video which included an epoxy putty inlay. I have not seen this before and thought it would be good to share. Does anyone have experience with using this epoxy putty? Seems like there could be a wide range of applications aside from woodworking. Bubinga...
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    Help identifying hinges

    Can anyone help me identify the hinge(s) in the included picture? The parts seen are broken, if that was not already clear. The table can be stored or displayed with the table top flipped up one side over the other. And when you want a larger table you can swivel the two pieces and unfold it...
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    Suggested Woodworking YouTube Channels or TV Shows?

    Thank you all for your suggestions. It seems I have a lot of videos to watch.
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    Suggested Woodworking YouTube Channels or TV Shows?

    As a supplement to the information I learn from NCWW and any inspiration I get as a result, I also like to rely on YouTube as a source of inspiration and learning. On my bus ride into work, I typically will search new and interesting woodworking videos from YouTube. However, I always seem to get...
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    Spring Picnic 2018

    That toolbox looks awesome!
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    Mother's Day Build

    My brother and I have talked about building some outdoor furniture for mother's day, and well... time is almost up. I know the basic design I would like to build, but I have some questions regarding the materials and finishing. The items will be designed to sit on their front porch, which will...
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    Young woodworker essay

    That tool box looks awesome! Thank a lot! I saw some of the other pictures you posted on the other thread. So I cannot wait to see it in person.
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    Young woodworker essay

    Is this contest still open? I sent a submission but have not heard from anyone after the initial email acknowledging the receipt of my submission. Will the winner or candidates be announced on this or another thread?
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    Wishing I had nicer boots today

    There is a lot to digest here, but I thank you all for your opinions. To me it sounds like the respondents to this thread favor Keen. I’ll have to look into those a little more.
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    Wishing I had nicer boots today

    So I don’t really have a good pair of all-season boots: used for yard work, trekking through snow, in a garage or shop setting, etc. And with the rain/ sleet/ snow today I wish I bought a new pair in the fall. For the past few weeks I have been browsing boots options (danners vs red wing, etc...
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    First piece complete

    I do like yours, was it also turned? Your bat was probably created back when Negan was introduced; my inspiration came a little later when I had access to a large lathe, as James mentioned.
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    First piece complete

    Yes I am. She still needs more work. What gave it away? The TV show is the Walking Dead.
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    First piece complete

    I want to give a big thank you to Michael Mathews for his assistance and advice in completing my first wood turned piece. I have done very little turning - nothing from beginning to end. I completed work on a baseball bat I have worked on for a few weeks now. This bat will strictly be a...
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    Replace kitchen knife handles

    Hey Jeff, thanks for your comments. For two of the knives, which appear to be carving knives, I was going to replace the worn handles to give to my brothers as gifts. I took your advice for two of the heavier blades (one of them is old hickory). Do I need to order emery paper online or are there...

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