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    Yates Y30 band saw for sale

    Yates Y30 band saw for sale in excellent working condition. This saw was originally delivered to the famous WACO biplane factory in 1940. 3hp Allise Challmers motor, brand new Wright Black Diamond style guides, plug and play all setup to run in any residential setting off a 230v single phase...
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    Does anyone have a 20" jointer and planer for hire?

    Chuck at Hess Woodworking can do it. He's in South Asheville.
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    30" bandsaw wanted / 16" Walker Turner for tade

    I'm looking for a nice used old US made 30" bandsaw- Tannewitz, Yates, Oliver- a big boy with a lot of mass that will resaw 15". I don't have the ceiling clearance for a 36", but a 30" will work for my needs. I'll consider offering up my very well restored, daily driver, beautiful art deco...
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    Free Honduras Mahogany!!!

    All gone to Fred's house!
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    Free Honduras Mahogany!!!

    I've got about a pickup load of various dimension genuine Honduras mahogany that has been air drying for approx. 20 years in an old barn. Up to 10/4 and approx. 8' long lengths, but most averages around 6-7" wide and 6-8/4., mixed grades. I'll offer it all up to the first person who comes by...
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    Looking to trade some 12/4 Honduras mahogany for 12/4 hard maple

    I'm looking for some smaller very nice 12/4 hard maple boards. I need them to be air dried for at last 6 years (10+ is better), very clear and defect free, and flatsawn, approx. 8-10" wide and 30" long, for a restoration project. No curl or figure is fine, they just need to be very nice boards-...
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    Source for seasoned persimmon wood?

    I'm looking for a source for local / regional persimmon wood, approx. 10 bf of high quality. Ideally it will be air dried for at least 5 years and reasonably close to Asheville. Thanks for your help. james
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    Looking for some different wood

    Steve's directions are good. When you get on Reams Creek, they are about a mile up the road, right after the Baldor plant. No financial interest here; I've had a lot of interaction with them over the last five years and found them to be first rate the whole way. Good guys with a huge inventory...
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    Looking for some different wood

    Cormark International in Weaverville usually stocks a huge selection of African Blackwood. Great fellows and real easy to work with. j.
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    Source for Black / Lombardy poplar slabs

    Does anyone know of a source for seasoned Black or Lombardy poplar in 10-12/4 thickness slabs approx. 18-20" wide x 4' long? I'm specific about the black / Lombardy variety, not the common tulip poplar ( I've got plenty of that right in the backyard!).I'm getting ready to build another upright...
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    Large Honduras Mahohany beams

    I'm posting this for a friend who lives near Hickory. He's been sitting on a pile of several thousand board feet of well seasoned- probably 15-20 years air dried- genuine Honduras Mahogany. There are probably 20+ beams in the range of 12/4 or more and they measure 6-15" wide by 10-16 foot long...
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    Anyone have some seasoned Persimmon wood available?

    Thanks for the kind words Ted. That website is actually close to 8 years old, so the work these days is a long ways from what you see there. Wait until you see what I'm going to do with the persimmon.... j.
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    Anyone have some seasoned Persimmon wood available?

    I've heard a number of discussion about Persimmon being close to a true ebony and having very heavy, dark heartwood. As a luthier, I'm constantly using exotic woods from all over the world; I'd like to build a series of mandolins using local woods. I've got incredible local maple and nice...

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