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    What is your most disliked or disappointing tool?

    I love the worm drive saw. Some of the new models are much lighter. This is the first skill saw I used.
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    Apprenticeship opportunity

    This is something that would be awesome to learn. I'm just about 2 hours away. I would definitely be interested in learning how to carve with a chainsaw. I would love to talk with him.
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    Input required

    I currently am working with the mothodest disaster relief helping people In whiteville. There are lots of houses needing help in that area and with current lumber price Increases their funds aren't stretching as far. M
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    Next part of a recent build

    They just want the shield emblem. Not the whole sign.
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    Next part of a recent build

    I just finished a shipping/packaging cabinet for a company in Fayettville. Pictures attached. They are wanting they're emblem cutout and torched to go the front. Not sure the best material to use, plywood or glue up. Also not sure on what something like that would generally cost. The...
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    The "safest" tools and hurrying.....

    My dad while he was a younger man was hanging sheetrock and screwed his finger to the ceiling while wearing his stilts. Had to have the boss change direction on his corded screwgun so that he back it out instead of continuing to tighten it down.
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    My recent project

    While in Ed's shop he let me try several different planes including the Stanley 5 1/2 which was a bit more than I could afford. This was my favorite out of all the wood ones the we dug out that day.
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    My recent project

    Most of the work I'm doing now is construction so I dont have much chance do do anything but play around in my work shed. I hope to transition to where I do more furniture and cabinet work rather than general construction but in the mean time I will do what pays the bills. My Current project...
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    Norton Water Stones and Veritas Water Crib - 100$

    I am interested. I should be headed down that way on the 19th. I can't seem to be able to send a PM.
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    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs help fom Woodworkers

    I agree. I’ve been by his lot. He has good lumber. Nice guy.
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    Truly new and improved

    I like the website makes navigation easy. Only issue I’m having is when I hit the home button after viewing a thread it safari tells me that there is a certificate error.
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    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs help fom Woodworkers

    Might be able to talk to local Lowe’s / Home Depot and see what they can do. Given the cause they might be willing to donate or discount some materials. Also might look into getting “culled” material. If you get along with the guys/ gals in the lumber department they have authority to mark...
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    Veneer Extravaganza 3

    Is the Ribbon sapele still availible?
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    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    Beautiful work! Love the history behind it.
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    New wood worker from Fayetteville

    Welcome pat
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    Breaker question? GFCI? Oh my....

    Not an electrician, but have run into these a couple of times on remodels I was doing. They flip to about half when they trip, and to reset them need to flip them off then back on. Now to test them I’m not completely sure, but there is an outlet tester that has a gfci tester on it. I believe...
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    lathe for sale

    If I had the funds I would’ve probably jumped on it.
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    lathe for sale

    Lathe for sale. Found this on craigslist, not sure how good of a deal this is, but it was cheaper than new ones i saw on a quick look.
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    interesting plane

    that was a good read. I like his concept about them being like fine furniture, but there is probably no way i would be able to force my self to use one, unless i used it to make the display box for it.
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    interesting plane

    they also are selling a block plane made in a similar way. its only $770.

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