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    Next part of a recent build

    I just finished a shipping/packaging cabinet for a company in Fayettville. Pictures attached. They are wanting they're emblem cutout and torched to go the front. Not sure the best material to use, plywood or glue up. Also not sure on what something like that would generally cost. The...
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    My recent project

    Most of the work I'm doing now is construction so I dont have much chance do do anything but play around in my work shed. I hope to transition to where I do more furniture and cabinet work rather than general construction but in the mean time I will do what pays the bills. My Current project...
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    lathe for sale

    Lathe for sale. Found this on craigslist, not sure how good of a deal this is, but it was cheaper than new ones i saw on a quick look.
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    interesting plane

    I was browsing hand planes to relax before bed and found this on Rockler. What are your thoughts, aside from the price tag?
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    Old project. Looking to make a new one

    I made this for my mother in-law ( She loves chickens, and has most any chicken that I’ve found in stores, so made it as a Christmas president) a couple of years ago. I’m looking to make a new one. I saw some lumber at a saw mill that I visited the other day that inspired me to make another one...
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    hand Plane on ebay

    I have been looking to get my first jack plane and jointer plane. I have been looking at the grizzley ones. They have two options one with a smooth sole and one with a serrated sole. What are your thoughts on this? Also in my searchings I found this hand plane on eBay. What are your...
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    kitchen island

    I am working on designing a kitchen island for my smaller kitchen. i have a decent amount of room, but no counter space. I have been in the design phase for this project for quite some time. trying to account for cost and durability. it is going to be solid wood. will attach my current...
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    Hide glue

    Before I get started I know you can buy hide glue granules online. But I tried making a homemade batch here while back, it turned out really well. Found a YouTube tutorial for making it from dogs rawhide treats. As I have those on hand I thought that I would try it. Has anyone else tried...
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    Hello all.

    Hello all, i am new to the site. I moved to NC about 2 years ago from Colorado. I started wood working while in CO, so fairly new to woodworking. I look forward to discovering more information and being a participant in this community. Dalton

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