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  1. bluthart

    Sapele and Maple Workbench 2019-04-16

    Here is the sapele and wormy maple bench that I built. It has 3 storage boxes in the middle that flip for flat work surfaces.
  2. bluthart

    Free Black Walnut Gastonia 20" diameter rounds 20-25" long

    Hopefully I'll be picking it up tonight...
  3. bluthart

    Workshop idea

    I would be interested in attending. I have a smaller folded flag from a deployed friend that I would love to frame.
  4. bluthart

    Roubo Workbench 2016 Build

    I remember the last time buddy. As usual, your work looks impeccable. Hope all is well.
  5. bluthart

    Let's see it.....your bench

    Here is a bench I made a few years ago alongside Jeremy (Woodwrangler) after he had decided to do one as well. I'm not really sure where we came up with the design, but I made it out of some Sapele and maple I had laying around. The center trays can be flipped for storage or a smooth work...
  6. bluthart

    Need to part with some Black Gun (Black Tupelo) Slabs

    I may be interested if anyone could arrange to get one to the Charlotte area.
  7. bluthart

    Rare Tool Gloat

    A friend of mine was getting rid of some of his grandfather's tools near Charlotte, NC.
  8. bluthart

    Rare Tool Gloat

    I picked up a couple of hand tools the other day for $20. The first is a Stanley No.5 Type 6 from 1888-1892. The other score was a Millers Falls #32 bit brace with Amidon jaws circa 1879. I also picked up a Stanley block plane that is most likely from the 60's. All are sharp and clean now...
  9. bluthart

    June 2015 - NCWW monthly contest - Joinery

    OK, here are some photos of a draw bore technique I used for my workbench, offsetting the holes for pegs to pull the tenon tight into the mortise. This was a first for me and worked great!
  10. bluthart

    May 2015, NCWW Monthly Contest - Outdoor Projects

    Well, not sure if you consider this woodworking or construction, but here is a photo of a lil something I did for some friends over the last year. In the far back left is a 6' custom privacy fence, up front is a 42" decorative fence, the stairs you see coming off the deck are new and come out...
  11. bluthart

    Final Close Out of Tools

    PM sent about router table
  12. bluthart

    Raised Panel Help

    Thank you I look forward to it.
  13. bluthart

    Raised Panel Help

    Good evening all. I need to make a few raised panel doors and a drawer front for a linen cabinet I am building. I have a set of Jesada bits but just noticed that my little router table will be too small to accommodate them. Is anyone in the Charlotte area able to lend a hand? I will...
  14. bluthart

    Free 50" TV

    CaptA - are you still interested? If not, is there any way to donate it to NCWW to maybe sell? It's a great TV - just too big for my space.
  15. bluthart

    Free 50" TV

    It is 48W x 50H x 26 deep. A vehicle can be driven right back to the basement door for loading.
  16. bluthart

    Free 50" TV

    I would love if someone here could use it.
  17. bluthart

    Free 50" TV

    I have an older Panasonic rear projection 1081i HDTV that is free to an NCWW that can use it. It is not a wall hanger, but is on casters, with nice built in speakers, approximately 48"W x 46"H x 20"D. It works perfectly. In Iron Station, NC (Lincoln County). The adorable 3 year old is not...
  18. bluthart

    Information on Hand Plane??

    I bought an old Montgomery Ward Powr Kraft 14" Jack Plane. Does anyone have information on when these were made? I have heard that Stanley made them for Montgomery Ward, but was hoping someone here would have more information. It is in great shape, and I just sharpened the iron and tuned it...
  19. bluthart

    Looking for Some Old Metal Roofing

    I will be in UNC Chapel Hill January 22nd for my 4 year old's surgery. Maybe that is close enough?
  20. bluthart

    Looking for Some Old Metal Roofing

    I am looking to make a bar in my (tiny) man cave, and was going to incorporate some old roof tin from a barn or similar building. I would like it to be weathered, rusty, etc. I only need to make two 3'x3' panels in front and two 1'x3' panels, one on each side. Thanks for looking!

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