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  1. bluthart

    Rare Tool Gloat

    I picked up a couple of hand tools the other day for $20. The first is a Stanley No.5 Type 6 from 1888-1892. The other score was a Millers Falls #32 bit brace with Amidon jaws circa 1879. I also picked up a Stanley block plane that is most likely from the 60's. All are sharp and clean now...
  2. bluthart

    Raised Panel Help

    Good evening all. I need to make a few raised panel doors and a drawer front for a linen cabinet I am building. I have a set of Jesada bits but just noticed that my little router table will be too small to accommodate them. Is anyone in the Charlotte area able to lend a hand? I will...
  3. bluthart

    Free 50" TV

    I have an older Panasonic rear projection 1081i HDTV that is free to an NCWW that can use it. It is not a wall hanger, but is on casters, with nice built in speakers, approximately 48"W x 46"H x 20"D. It works perfectly. In Iron Station, NC (Lincoln County). The adorable 3 year old is not...
  4. bluthart

    Information on Hand Plane??

    I bought an old Montgomery Ward Powr Kraft 14" Jack Plane. Does anyone have information on when these were made? I have heard that Stanley made them for Montgomery Ward, but was hoping someone here would have more information. It is in great shape, and I just sharpened the iron and tuned it...
  5. bluthart

    Looking for Some Old Metal Roofing

    I am looking to make a bar in my (tiny) man cave, and was going to incorporate some old roof tin from a barn or similar building. I would like it to be weathered, rusty, etc. I only need to make two 3'x3' panels in front and two 1'x3' panels, one on each side. Thanks for looking!
  6. bluthart

    Long Overdue Update

    I haven't been on NCWW in quite a while, and wanted to give the fine folks on here a quick update. Some of you may have heard the news through Facebook, but on June 7th, my 3 year old (now 4) boy was burned in an accident involving an explosion from a gel fuel table candle. After being...
  7. bluthart

    Spalted Pecan - Almost Free

    I conducted an experiment (thanks to Kyle) about a year ago and spalted some pecan logs, cut them and sealed them for turning. The only problem is I hardly ever turn anymore. I am willing to get rid of some for a small fee. All proceeds will go to NCWW. PM me if interested - I live in...
  8. bluthart

    Farmhouse Table Complete

    I just finished another project for my designer friend - a farmhouse table made out of (you guessed it) wormy maple, finished with dark walnut and matte polyurethane. Fun project - hope you like it. The last photo is the remodel where the table landed.
  9. bluthart

    8/4 Purpleheart for Sale

    I have 5 or six boards of 8/4 purpleheart available. It is kiln dried and most pieces are 7" or wider and about 10-12' long. PM me if interested and we'll talk price. Thanks.
  10. bluthart

    Headboard Project Finished

    I actually had a chance to complete another project for a designer friend of mine. It's just a white pine headboard but it was an enjoyable build and I learned another finishing technique. I painted the headboard with white primer, beat it up with chains and sandpaper, wiped dark walnut stain...
  11. bluthart

    Just checking in - latest projects

    HI all, I hope everyone is well and has more time in the shop then I have had in the last 12 months. Last year was one of the busiest of my life, with out of town job training, working the DNC and chasing 3 kids around - my shop had lost its sawdust smell. I have finally gotten a few...
  12. bluthart

    125,000 BTU Radiant Heaters

    My friend Jason has posted this ad on craiglist in the Charlotte area.
  13. bluthart

    Acrylic/Lexan sheeting?

    I need a few pieces of acrylic or lexan type sheets, not too thick, sizes at least 27"x40". I would like 2 clear and 2 white. I would be glad to trade lumber for some or buy if reasonably priced. If nothing else, where is an affordable place to buy it? Thanks for your help.
  14. bluthart

    Attention Small Project and Pen Makers - FREE!!!

    I have some exotic pieces of padouk, wenge and purpleheart. Most are 12" long, different widths and all 4/4. I would be happy to give it to some of the fine members here at NCWW. I know some beautiful things would come out of it. It would be ideal for small boxes, pen blanks or intarsia. The...
  15. bluthart

    116 BF Sapele/$100.00

    I have 116 BF of nice, wide sapele that needs to go. It measures 116 BF at least. $100.00 takes it - Come an' get it!
  16. bluthart

    Sapele $1/BF?

    I am in the position to get a bunch of sapele "outs" for a very cheap price. I don't need a whole lot but will buy the whole bundle if I get some interest. There is plenty of good wood in these boards, although there may be some slight cupping or bending in some. Variuos lengths and widths...
  17. bluthart

    Generic Kreg Screws???

    So I just bought the Kreg Master System. Any experience with buying generic screws and if so where can I find them? I saw some on ebay but you never know what you get. Any suggestions? Are generics near as good? Thanks for any input.
  18. bluthart

    Oh Klingspor!!!

    I finally broke down and went to the Klingspor Woodworking shop in Hickory. I happened to bring along the $50 gift certificate I won on NCWW, and I walked in and started short circuiting. I was overwhelmed by everything they had there. I ended up buying something I have wanted for a long...
  19. bluthart

    Delta JT360 6" Jointer for Sale

    I have a Delta JT360 for sale. It is a few years old, is like new and cuts perfectly. The blades are very sharp and it includes a 4" dust port. Absolutely no rust on the table and freshly waxed. Sold new for $375.00 at Lowes. I have it on Craigslist for $250 but will give it to a NCWW member...
  20. bluthart

    Trouble placing a classified ad.

    I am trying to sell my old jointer and I get this error message... "Your usergroup does not have permission to access this category." Am I missing something???:dontknow:<!-- / main error message --><!-- <input type="submit" class="button" value="Go Back" accesskey="s"...

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