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    New Member In Oak Ridge

    Amazing work you will enjoy this group
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    For Sale Simple Hollowing System (Trade for Turning Tools)

    What brand is this system never seen this one
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    Ever Seen or Use one?

    Saved my back countless times lifts level with truck tailgate
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    New guy from Fayetteville

    Thank you for your service not to far from you.
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    Ambrosia Beetle Problem

    What type forgers do you use?
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    ...... And who says your prayers are not Answered ... Price drop

    Was also pleased to see significant drop in lumber yesterday when I needed some plywood and 2bys
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    Bowl sander tool

    Have that one too works good
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    Old Eyes Question,

    Had it done in feb this year did the upgrade for no more glasses a little costly for the upgrade but no regrets would do again very pleased
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    What is your most disliked or disappointing tool?

    Worst thing I ever tried to use terrible to set up
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    Hydraulic Tables

    Have the larger one worth every penny reaches height of the of truck bed saved my back many times lifting equipment and other things
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    Jorgenson's at Ollies

    fayettiville store has few 24" and quite a few bar clamps as well as 3/4 pipe clamps as of 3 pm today.
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    Processing/Saving Cherry Burls

    cherry is one of the most crack prone woods almost impossible to prevent try cutting blanks over size so cracked section can be cut off after drying might help if large enough.
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    Riser Kit For Delta Bandsaw! Anyone Got an Opinion on These?

    i have the grizzly one on my grizzly 14" band saw works fine easy to install i got it for resawing and large blanks.
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    Looking for cedar lumber

    let us know how it turned out
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    Looking for cedar lumber

    try pat trotter on Strickland bridge road his number is 910-424-9083 i have bought lumber from him several times he is a nice guy and i think he told me he has worked with boy scouts before.
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    BIG THANK-YOU to Joe Scharle for his generosity

    maybe if there was alist of needed items could be obtained and posted here i am sure many of us have some unused or extra items in our shops we would be willing to donate to this most worthy cause as i am sure most of us have fond memories of our school shops days.
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    The Search for a Good Bandsaw

    check out the grizzly 14" i have it with the riser kit and use the woodturners blade from highland woodworking. works great for me on bowl blanks and resawing.
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    Article: Segmented Bowl by Willemjm

    Re: Segmented bowl very nice work have done some segmented work but nothing to compare to this.
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    If we want the woodworking show to come back to Charlotte we need to get busy

    sounds like a good idea, promote and sell tickets here, and the wood sale i think would be a great idea but getting support .......
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    If we want the woodworking show to come back to Charlotte we need to get busy

    i really hate that, i always looked foward to the show but noticed last year not as many exhibitors but blamed it on poor economy. i alway spent some money there, but oh well...

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