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    Hey Rob, Thanks for the tip about the shop in Sanford. You should get your bow tuned up and start shooting again. You don't need a lot of room to shoot. Besides, it is a lot of fun. Thanks again for the tip.
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    I really appreciate that information. Looks like a trip in the planning for me. Is it right on 301? What is the name? You should get you dad's bow out of the closet and start shooting again. I don't know what possessed me to ever sell mine, but, we have lapses in good sense at times. I just...
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    PM'd you back.
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    I know that there are folks on this site that also are into archery. I'm in need of some advice/help from those good people. I once was into archery big time. Over the years I lost the desire and sold all my stuff. I now find that I would like to get back into the game just for the fun of it...
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    Have I sucked the Magic from the Dark side?

    David, For a while I had been considering getting a lathe and doing some turning. Now, I believe I'll just keep on with my flat stuff. Man, that's just plain awesome!!!! I'm green with envy. Thank you for posting that.
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    New sharpener

    Thanks for looking everyone. Your kind words are appreciated. It really does do what they say it will do. Shame on you JimmyC. You have had it a whole week and still it's in the box. No way could I wait that long. Hey, maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and "uncrate" it for you.
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    New sharpener

    Ok, now I can gloat. Just as I promised, Here are a couple photos of the new Work Sharp. In one, you can see the tools that were sharpened in no time at all. Thanks for looking.
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    New sharpener

    Well, this isn't a tool gloat for sure as I don't have photo's yet so it really did not happen. I got my new Work Sharp (and all the free goodies) from Hartville Tool on Friday afternoon. Got it all set up this afternoon about 4pm and proceeded to sharpen 3 chisels and 4 plane blades in less...
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    Norton Water Stones

    I have a set of the Norton Waterstones that I've had for quite some time now. They do a terrific job. A bit labor intensive but well worth the effort. They seem to work better on blades that do not have chips broken out. But with a little work, they too, can be made very sharp. I know this for...
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    What do you think of as a place to do business with? This question has been asked before and I can't find the thread anywhere on here. Need info from anyone that has done business with them. Thanks,
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    Veritas TS Fence??

    I have seen mention of a table saw fence, made by Veritas, on this site. Try as I might, I can't seem to find anything about it other than that. Anyone know a website that might have such an animal ? :icon_scra Thanks,
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    Table Saw Fence

    Thanks for the offer Mike but I'm looking for something in the 30" range. I have a very limited shop space and need to make every inch count. :mrgreen: Doug, I appreciate the generous offer. I would like to have something that I could call my own. Again, thanks for the very generous offer...

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