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    I know that there are folks on this site that also are into archery. I'm in need of some advice/help from those good people. I once was into archery big time. Over the years I lost the desire and sold all my stuff. I now find that I would like to get back into the game just for the fun of it...
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    New sharpener

    Well, this isn't a tool gloat for sure as I don't have photo's yet so it really did not happen. I got my new Work Sharp (and all the free goodies) from Hartville Tool on Friday afternoon. Got it all set up this afternoon about 4pm and proceeded to sharpen 3 chisels and 4 plane blades in less...
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    What do you think of as a place to do business with? This question has been asked before and I can't find the thread anywhere on here. Need info from anyone that has done business with them. Thanks,
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    Veritas TS Fence??

    I have seen mention of a table saw fence, made by Veritas, on this site. Try as I might, I can't seem to find anything about it other than that. Anyone know a website that might have such an animal ? :icon_scra Thanks,
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    Table Saw Fence

    I am in the market for a Delta T2 type fence system. It is a Biesemeyer clone. I need the whole system, ie, the rails, fence, etc. If anyone has one, or knows where there is one for sale, please let me know. Thanks,
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    Well, this is my first attempt at making a Christmas gift. Made of solid red oak except for the drawer bottom and drawer sides. Desk organizer front view. And desk organizer side view.
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    U need wood?

    If there are any sawyers looking for might want to check out the logs at 10666 Cleveland School Rd. (1010). There are @ 15-20 what looks to be oak logs that have been there for 2-3 weeks now. Might be free to anyone that would haul them off. Some are of good size. This address is @...
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    Delta T2 fence

    Anyone ever taken the Delta T2 fence System(Biesemeyer clone)and put it on a different table saw? :dontknow: I've been contemplating putting one on my older model Sears hybrid saw. :eusa_thin So, I need to know any problems encountered, helpful hints, etc. Any info would be very helpful. Thanks,
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    Air Cleaner/Filter

    Anyone coming from Charlotte area for the shop crawl that can stop at Concord? Need to know ASAP. I am contemplating buying the Jet AFS-400 from Tom Hintz. Need to get it transported if I can still buy it. Thanks,
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    Southside Shop Crawl

    It is with deep regret that I withdraw my participation in the Shop Crawl. Please make the necessary corrections on your route, schedule, etc to exclude the stop at my shop. Thanks,
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    Corrugated or not?

    Y'all got to forgive my ignorance about these things, please. Some of the planes I've looked at(on the web) have corrugated soles. What is the purpose for that and should I stay away from them? :help: Once again, thanks for the input.
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    OK, so you have

    a block plane and a #4 bench plane, what would you add next? Why? :icon_scra Thanks,
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    Information & Help...I think.

    Ok, so I went and bought a LN #4 because of all the good reports here on NCWW. Not blaming anyone for talking me into it. Was my decision. I don't know if I have a problem or not and was hoping someone that is really into hand tools could shed some light on my 'problem'. If in fact, it is a...
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    What do you use to sharpen you chisels and plane blades? :dontknow: Thanks,
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    The DeWalt repair/service center on N. Capital has the DW735 planer on sale for $450.00. Normally sells for $549.00. Woodrat
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    Need wood

    Do any of you have any experience with Western Cedar? Opinions good, bad or otherwise are welcome. I have a project that calls for cedar but, it seems, ERC is hard to come by. I need it to be dried either Kiln or air. Not sure of the board ft yet. Still getting a cut list together. Also, going...
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    Tentatively spoken for. Still waiting for the final 'I will'. If I don't hear back from the person in a reasonably amount of time, I will contact the next on the list of interested party's. I have an older Craftsman RAS that I need out of my shop to make some room. I no longer use it and...
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    More Planer Questions

    Ok, here we go again. Hope I'm not boring you good folks with my lack of knowledge of these pieces of equipment. I realize that there many different brands, and each has it's 'good, bad, and ugly'. I just need all the information I can get in order to make the smartest, most economical...
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    Do any of you know anything about the Palmgren Planer 84112 for sale by Greenail? I have never heard of them prior to this ad. But, that don't mean anything cause there are lots of things I never heard of before. :dontknow: Anyone know anything about the brand? Good bad, other wise? Personal...
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    Just another request for opinions. I'm looking to eventually get away from having to buy all my wood from Lowe's etc. I already have a used jointer that I was able to get set up and running good, but now I need a planer. So, my questions are: What do y'all recommend? What is most cost...

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