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  1. bbrown

    Adaptation of Isaac Young Clock

    It's a classic. Beautiful job David.
  2. bbrown

    Set Rockler Workbench Casters $35 (SOLD)

    Frank, I would like them. Thanks, -Bill
  3. bbrown

    Rockler Workbench Casters

    I'd like a set (would like both ideally). --Bill
  4. bbrown

    Woodcarving Books Free….Spoken for!

    I might be interested, depending on what they are. I run a woodworking school, so always looking to expand the library. --Bill
  5. bbrown

    Dust Collection question

    Hello folks, Quick question: I just moved my cyclone dust collector to a space below the shop to help eliminate the awful noise. Unfortunately, the space is about 6 inches too short for me to fit a large metal can to collect the chips. So, I had to use a much smaller 25” tall can. My question...
  6. bbrown

    Good beginner chisels?

    I like the Irwin Blue Chips. I have been making high end furniture for 40 years and still have my first set. You should be able to get a set of 4 for about $55.
  7. bbrown

    Shapton GlassStone (GS) Series HR Stone

    I was wondering if anyone went that high with their stones. I usually end at 8000 and go right to stroping (on an MDF wheel).
  8. bbrown

    Bowl sander tool

    I bought this a few day ago on Ebay. ARBORTECH Contour Sander | Ø 50 mm Mini Random Orbit Sander Attachment for An... 9313478320046 | eBay I will be using it for carvings. But would probably work well on bowls.
  9. bbrown

    Good Coping Saw Frame?

    Knew Concepts are hard to beat - just need to get the right saw. Their nomenclature is a tad confusing. This is the one you want: Coping Saw Knew Concepts Coping Saws and Blades But, alas, it appears to be out of stock. As above, you can do OK with a much cheaper saw: Olson or Groz at...
  10. bbrown

    This is getting ridiculous

    Well, it is advertised as a "planer". These are worth much more than "planes".
  11. bbrown

    Rare Woods has an interview with one of our own!

    Thanks for mentioning this Jim. I did not know it was published!
  12. bbrown

    What can I get for my lumber?

    I'm interested in the mahogany, walnut, cherry if the price is right. Any figured stuff in there?
  13. bbrown

    Curved Lid Teak Jewelry Boxes

    Well done. Bravo!
  14. bbrown

    COULD be a deal... RDU CL - Woodtek Bandsaw - $50 (EDIT - presumably SOLD)

    Just curious....what do folks think of the Woodtek brand? Any experience with their power tools?
  15. bbrown

    Knee Hole Bureau Ready for Finish

    If you use an aniline dye, just apply less coats to the dark areas. That should even the colour out.
  16. bbrown

    GONE - FREE - Peruvian Walnut in Greensboro

    I'll be next in line if Mike changes his mind :) I drive through Greensboro en-route to work.
  17. bbrown


    Lots of woodworking and carving talent in NC! I'd encourage more folks to share their websites and/or their work here (I am speaking to myself as well!). --Bill
  18. bbrown

    4" ID used flex dust collector hose

    HI David, That was me. I should be heading your way in the weeks ahead if you can hang onto it. Thanks!
  19. bbrown

    FOR SALE: Dust collection fittings

    I will take these. -Bill

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