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    Linear Shower Drain

    Thanks! I was able to pull it up, and clean.
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    Linear Shower Drain

    That is what I was wondering as well. I can get underneath in the crawl space. I may try that. Thanks.
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    Linear Shower Drain

    Anyone have experience with linear shower drains? I recently moved into a home and our shower has one installed. It appears to show signs of some clogging and I was hoping to pull up the piece of tile that is centered over it, but it looks like it is caulked onto something. I'd like to pull...
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    ISO used No. 7 or No. 8 hand plane

    Looking for a used, fair to good condition, No. 7 or No. 8 plane for beginner level use. Preferably something that does not need a lot of refurbishment.
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    3way switch wiring diagram with power in and switched leg in the same box

    Jeff, thank you for sharing this. One of these days, I'll learn to understand electricity a lot better.
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    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Closed Sunday Feb 28th 2021 - All Locations

    Good luck!! I also worked with the AS/400 from 1998 to around 2007. They were a beast, but they could definitely handle a ton of transactions. Can't say I miss working with them, though. Hope all goes well with the switchover.
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    Today’s lesson - m&t then dt.

    Thank you Mike! It was a really fun day. I’ll make sure to practice doing 30 straight cuts a day, lol! I learned a ton about these techniques and hope to keep building on it!
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    New from Newland

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    Forest Woodworker ll

    Sorry that happened and hope you heal quickly. Do you know how it happened?
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    Best wood for making a cutting board

    Thanks. Could you explain that last sentence for me?
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    Best wood for making a cutting board

    What types of wood are best for making cutting boards?
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    Intro from Fayetteville

    Welcome Brad!
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    Intro from Garner

    Welcome Parley, you will enjoy learning from this forum. I myself am an IT analyst by day, hoping to increase workshop time more and more. #wewillgetthereoneday
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    Intro from Greensboro

    Scott, yes, I actually grew up in Boydton, VA about a couple of miles from the lake. Did a ton of fishing and swimming there.
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    Intro from Greensboro

    Thanks so much Hank!
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    Intro from Greensboro

    Hello, I've actually been registered for a few months now, but haven't formally introduced myself. I was introduced to woodworking as a child, in that my father was a carpenter by trade, and also in his spare time worked on small projects, such as the family swing or the occasional end table...
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    URLS for making dovetails

    Requesting any helpful URLs for instructions on making dovetails. Thanks in advance.
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    Ideas for first workbench

    Thank you all for the recommendations!
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    Ideas for first workbench

    I totally get it Pete, no problem. I'm wanting to start with 'small' projects first, such as a small bookshelf or end table. But also just to practice and get more experience with hand tools.

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