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    Woodworking Clubs

    Hey folks - I'm wondering if there are any woodworking and/or wood turning clubs nbear me, I live in Winstion Salem but am not opposed to driving abit Thabks Rick
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    DW788 Rebuild

    I am in the process of disassembling a DW788 scroll saw and examining pieces and parts. The motivation was what I thought was/is excessive noise/knocking. I am using a 4 part youtube series forthe disassembly. Why initial thought was to just replace all the bearings and sleeves - the saw is...
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    Scroll Saw Blades

    Good morning folks - I recently bought a used Dewalt 788 scroll saw from a fellow member. It is a type 1, serial number 58826 manufactured in 1999. I printed off a manual from the internet. My scrolling skills are next to non-existant so I'm looking for some receommendations for type of...
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    Wood Recommendation Request

    Good morning folks - I have a poroject coming up to build a dining room hutch (bottom cabinet and upper shelves). The designer (LOML) wants it mostly painted so I'm looking for suggestions for a wood species to use that would be good for painting. This will be brush painted as I have no...
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    NC Sales Tax Exemptions

    It appears from my limited research that residential capital improvements are allowed exemtion from NC sales tax. We are having a bathroom remodeled - replacement of tub with walk in shower, replace vanity, replace all fixtures. This seems to qualify as a capital improvement that would allow a...
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    Recommendations for General Purpose Handyman

    Good morning folks - we are in the process of remodeling a small bathroom. We have someone for plumbing and tile work. I'm looking for suggestions in the Winston Salem area for a handyman type of worker for things like scraping a popcorn ceiling, painting, applying base moulding, recessing a...
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    Media Blasting Service

    Good afternoon - I'm in the middle of a rebuild for a Delta carbide grinder. I've gotten everything disassembled but there are so many parts that have small nooks and crannies that I think media blasting would speed the process up. I'm looking for some suggestions of services near me (Winston...
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    FS: Drill Press Milling Attachment

    This drill press accessory was manufactured by Waterborg (see ad below). It fits a drill press with a 2-3/4" column and will accept tools with a 3/8 diameter shank - although a creative person could make a different tool holder if desired. The collet that holds the tool holder has a 1/2"...
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    SOLD PP FS: Craftsman (Atlas) 15" Bench Top Drill Press

    SOLD - PP I am offering a 15"Atlas made (Craftsman branded) bench top drill press for sale. Model 101.03621. This machine and motor have been completely disassembled, cleaned and painted. All 7 bearings have been replaced - 2 in the quill, 2 in the column at the top of the spindle, 2 in the...
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    WTB: Craftsman/Atlas Quill Return Spring Housing

    looking for a quill return spring housing for an Atlas made Craftsman bench top drill press. I need just the housing but would be willing to buy the housing with spring if that is available. The last [picture shows the broken area of my current housing Thanks Rick
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    Local Electrician Recommendation

    Good afternoon folks - I have a need for an electrician for a small residential job. I could throw darts at a list of electricians and hope I pick a good one but thought maybe someone with more local experience than I would have some recommendations. So I'm looking for an electrician in the...
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    FS: Delta 24 Scroll Saw Parts

    I have finally gathered up all remaining parts/pieces related to 3 scroll saw refurbs I recently completed. I am offering them up for sale before I pack them away for posterity. All prices are "plus shipping". Reasonable offers are welcome - parts are located in Winston Salem NC. Additional...
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    FS: Delta Model 1200 Scroll Saw

    Delta 24" scroll saw completely rebuilt. The saw is powered by an original Delta 1/2 HP 4 step pulley 3 phase motor - however, a VFD is included to run the motor from 220 single phase which provides full variable speed.. Saw package includes the saw, welded stand (much more robust than the bolt...
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    FS: WT Slow Speed Drill Press Attachment

    Rare WT part number 9D113 slow speed attachment for 15" drill Press. Belts are included (not shown in pictures). Looking for $225 but reasonable offers are welcome. Thanks for looking Rick
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    Wood Turning Classes

    Good afternoon - I'm attempting to get into wood turning but am finding that I need some real basic instruction. I'm wondering if there is someplace in NC that offers basic wood turning instruction - specifically spindle turning - I'm not interested in bowl turning at this point. Thanks Rick
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    Which Wood for Exterior Use

    Good morning - I need to repair/upgrade the lattice skirting on our front porch. I want to build a frame with inserted plastic lattice. The frame will be painted. Ideally I would like to use a PVC lumber product but expense precludes that. I'm looking for suggestions relating to which wood...
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    Oneida Dust Sentry Help

    Good afternoon - I recently discovered that my dust sentry was not working. I remember not too long ago that the bin lid fell off the connector hose (bin was not under the lid at the time). I think there was not enough slack in the sensor lead so when the kid fell it pulled all of the sensor...
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    Delta Disc Sander Part

    Good afternoon - I'm looking for the upper blade guard for a vintage Delta 12" disc sander. The Delta part number is DS-4 and should be stamped/cast into the guard. Thanks for any help/ideas you may have. Rick
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    WTB: Doerr Motor Cooling Fan

    No need to discuss why I need this fan :) - It is an obsolete part so new is not available. I realize I am likely looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack but worth asking before I move on to a compromise solution. The fan is from a Doerr 2 HP, 3450 RPM, single phase motor. The fan...
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    A Finish For Walnut

    I'm in the process of building some end tables from walnut and am at the point of needing to decide what finish to use. In the past I have built some small boxes from walnut and used a process from Bob Flexner (I think) that he called "finishing the finish". Essentially it was sand to 180 or...

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