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    Unisaw #36-812 Switch Problem

    More often than not, dirty contacts in the Stop button are the problem with Unisaws not starting properly. The normally closed contacts of the stop button will either prevent starting when the start button is pushed, or the saw will only start and then continue to run if you hold the start...
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    Shop invention

    A Free Idea - Double sided tape or Velcro will hold your sacrificial pieces in place. You don't even need to add my name to the patent. Move the top folding brace to the top of the end pieces and it will support the sheet stock in the middle area. The two 1 by pieces suggested above dropped...
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    If old cars are found in barns ...

    They do it all from the platform. The seats are removed as each position it rotated to the platform. Then the spreaders between each seat position are removed. All of the long arms from the pivot are then folded together, and hydraulic rams tilt the towers and long arms down to the truck bed...
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    Delta 34-466 Unisaw

    My Unisaw with side table and 52" Unifence is in a 14 X 26' shop. I could not bare to cut the fence rail, so I figured out a way to fit it in. I kept hoping to make or move to a larger shop, so couldn't cut down the fence rail. The end of the side table sits up against one of the 26' walls...
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    If old cars are found in barns ...

    "in a barn? How big are you talking about? A giant ferris wheel could have a diameter of a several hundred feet. and then there are barn doors..." I guess you have never hung around after the end of a carnival and watched the Ferris Wheel be dis-assembled for transport. They are taken apart...
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    If old cars are found in barns ...

    They are certainly worth cleaning and trying them out. I had one of those Delta Planers. Sniped very badly, but if you could donate the leading and trailing 6" of each workpiece to the snipe, it did a pretty good job. The other trick was to keep several 2' long pieces of scrap handy and start...
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    Delta Unisaw

    Yea, saw dust in the display can be irritating. I turn my air pressure down to about 20 psi and blow it out with the air nozzle. I have done this about every 2 or 3 years. It usually can be done easily by getting the air jet under one edge of the display window. Use your other hand to hold in...
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    Delta Unisaw

    The promised photos of my Wixey DRO attached to my Unifence. Along with my written description above, you shouldn't have any trouble understanding the way that I went about this, but ask questions if you don't understand anything. The last photo shows Scotch tape over one of the joints in the...
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    Delta Unisaw

    That's a really nice restoration. Keep the old fence, since there are times when a low fence is very beneficial. Clean up the original fence, fill the gouges with Bondo or whatever it takes to make it straight and with smooth surfaces again. There are times when you will thank me for this. I...
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    Delta Unisaw

    Price Bucher's Wax or the other competitive brands. Johnsons is downright cheap by comparison, and much more readily available. If a can will last me 5+ years, it's an absolute bargain. Charley
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    Delta Unisaw

    It's readily available at Lowes in the cleaning supplies aisle here. I've seen it in the grocery stores too. My new can came from Lowes about 2 years ago. One can lasts me about 5 years, but I'm a heavy user. I re-wax my cast iron and scroll saw tables often. The wood slides across a freshly...
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    Delta Unisaw

    You mentioned using a lubricant containing silicone for the trunnions. Don't do it!! I have banned anything containing silicone from my woodshop because once it gets on your wood somehow, it is invisible until you apply finish to your project. Then you discover fish eyes in your finish wherever...
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    ISO shop stools

    The best source for wooden stools of the height needed for workbench use is Walmart. The ones that I have were about $25 each. You can't make them for that. Mine are 2 years old and holding up fine. Charley
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    What Have I Got....

    Several "Ticking Sticks". Charley
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    Huge shop table/sold

    So it's the workbench that's for sale and not that beautiful piece of wood on it. Who gets the piece of wood? Charley
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    Padauk splines / sawdust

    A belt sander is best for fine control of spline thickness, but I have used a tenon jig on my Unisaw to cut them. It is set so that the waste formed when cutting a tenon is the thickness desired and the resulting tenon becomes the waste. A donor board that's standing vertically in the jig will...
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    Jet oscillating spindle sander SOLD

    I wanted one of them a few years ago, but settled for a Triton belt/spindle sander instead. It has been doing everything that I need or I would be after this, as it was my first choice. It's a great spindle sander. They have one where I sometimes volunteer and are quite happy with it. Charley
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    10" Delta Unisaw - $800 (Charlotte) GONE

    Incredibly good price for the condition and what is there with it. A Biesmeier Fence, motor cover, dust port, wide table, etc. A fairly new version too. Probably would only need a plug change to be able to put it to work. I don't care for twist locks plugs, unless they are plugged overhead. Then...
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    Delta Unisaw

    I use Johnson's Paste Wax for the gears and trunnion ways, applied with an old toothbrush. It quickly develops a hard crust that does not attract saw dust, but remains soft and lubricates well. It stays in place too. I use a teflon base lubricant for the shaft pivot points. Yes, move the...
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    Making Boxes

    A dado in each side for the shelves to fit into would add significant strength to this cabinet. Also, since the French Cleat is going to be holding a lot of weight, some careful gluing and more than enough screws into the rear of the cabinet and into the wall studs should be employed. In leu of...

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