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    Gas Fireplace Free, Except For a Small Donation to NCWW

    I have a set of natural gas fireplace logs, the vent less metal fireplace box, 1/2" slate to surround it, and a white painted mantel with trim for anyone willing to make a donation to NCWW. It doesn't need to be a lot, but set the amount on what you think it's all worth to you when you see it...
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    Unusual Segmented Plates

    This link it to show off a very talented woodworker and his unusual projects. It is located on a photography forum, which I am a member. The forum website is called named after the photographer that created it. Charley
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    Miterset Precision Miter Gauge Tools Has anybody bought these? I just took a bit of a gamble and ordered them. I recently finished a project...
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    Creative Woodworking

    Does everybody know about this guy, Izzy Swan? He lives in Charleston, SC so I'm wondering why we haven't heard more about him. There are many of his projects on Youtube and his website, but here is his latest. He's quite creative. Charley...
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    Chainsaw Carving

    WOW!!!! Charley
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    Hi Tech Rubber Band Gun

    Two interesting videos. He's an incredible woodworker Charley
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    Today's Production - More Reindeer

    This is what I've been doing all day today. Twelve pair of gold reindeer earrings and seven reindeer pins (made from junior sized reindeer). The earring reindeer were cut from hard maple. The junior sized reindeer were cut from pine. Tomorrow it will be silver reindeer earrings, and hopefully...
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    Christmas Ornaments - This is mostly what I've been making since August

    Well, here is a bit of an explanation, and photos of what I've been making since August this year. Some of you saw samples of these in my space at the Klingspore Extravaganza. The first photo shows less than half of the small ornaments that I've been making. These start out as a 1" X 1" X...
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    Urban Logging

    Found this video and thought you might enjoy it. I found it very interesting, the video quality is great. The camera even goes up to the top to view the cutting of the top sections. That's a BIG Elm Tree. Charley
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    Feet For DeWalt And Other Brands Of Scroll Saw Stands

    Has anybody (beside Berta) noticed the feet on my DeWalt scroll saw stand? Berta wants some, but I thought others might like them too. I got tired of my scroll saw stand's sharp metal leg ends digging into my wood shop floor, and since there is a hole in the bottom of each leg, it seemed only...
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    A Wooden Farm Tractor

    This is a bit unique. Charley
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    Some Unique Furniture

    I liked the chair briefcase and the walking table. Some of the rest are beyond comprehension. What are your favorites? Charley
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    Where To Put My Clamps - A Solution

    I've had several shops in my life and they've always been small. My present shop is no exception. "You can never have enough clamps", right? Well in my case I've had enough to do what I've needed. My problem for many years has been "where to store all the clamps". They just took up way too much...
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    Some Christmas Ornaments

    From Thanksgiving to Christmas I was busy mading reindeer and Christmas ornaments on my scroll saw. The attached photos are only a sample. I made 73 reindeer and several dozen ornaments of various styles. I only made a few of the smallest ones shown. They are quite a challenge to get right. The...
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    I made a box

    Actually, I'm in the middle of making 3 boxes from some leftover Baltic Birch. I received a CRB7 router jig and it's accessories from my wife for Christmas and it came in 3 boxes, each with a bunch of small pieces. I was afraid of loosing something, so I decided to build a box to keep everything...
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    I'm Back...Well Sort Of

    Well, My Laptop computer hard drive crashed on me about 2 weeks ago. I've tried to recover it, but have failed. I'm now back on the Internet using a cobbled together assortment of old PC hardware and I'm looking for a new laptop. I hope this stuff all holds together long enough for me to find...
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    New Delta Contractor's Saw

    Yesterday afternoon, while going through the neighborhood Lowes store there was a new Delta Contractor's saw sitting in the main aisle near the tool section. I hadn't seen any Delta tools since they were spun off of DeWalt/Porter Cable, so I was very interested to see what this new model was all...
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    3D Cutting Board

    Have you cutting board builders seen this Youtube video? It's kind of a cross between segmented turning and end grain cutting board construction. I really like the look and may try to build one myself when my life slows down a little. Charley
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    A Funny Woodworking Related Picture

    I found this animated photo on another woodworking website and thought you might also enjoy it. It shows what happens if you spill coffee on your Chinese MDF or particle board computer desk. Charley
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    Error when viewing Classifieds

    When trying to look at classifieds beyond those shown when first entering the classifieds I get this error - Fatal error: Cannot use object of type vB_Session as array in /home/ncwoodwo/public_html/forums/includes/functions.php on line 8986 Operating System = MS XP Pro Google Chrome...

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