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  1. davejones

    Finally back to woodworking

    Hello All, A re-introduction as I have been inactive on the site here for a couple of years now due to life in general. We moved into a new shop with a detached house a couple of years ago. I finally made enough progress on the house that I can now focus on setting up my shop. It is a 20x30...
  2. davejones

    New Tool/Toy Store in Greensboro

    Tool Locker Plus just opened up in Greensboro. I stopped by today to see what they have and thought I would pass along the info. They are a service center for Ryobi, Ridgid, Milwaukee, and others. They also are selling used, refurbished, and new tools. Everything from table saws and sanders...
  3. davejones

    Sweet Gum Anyone?

    I will be bringing down a sweet gum tree in the near future. I seem to remember hearing that it was good for turning, so I thought I would offer. The tree splits into two trunks, each about 10 inches diameter. There is a crotch section near the ground where it splits. If anyone is...
  4. davejones

    New Toys! (Pic Heavy)

    I spent last Saturday afternoon at the Liberty Antiques Festival, and was able to pick up some new (to me) toys while I was there. I am not sure if these are worth anything, but I thought they were cool. Maybe the experts here will know more about them than I do..... This Bailey #5 will be a...
  5. davejones

    What would you do?

    On my list for spring projects is a repair job on our porch railing. Our home is 5 yrs old and I have already repainted the railing once. I am convinced that the wood was not properly primed/painted by the contractor as it is literally rotting away. I really like the look and feel of a wooden...
  6. davejones

    Quick Project

    Here is a quick project I completed recently. It will be for my son when he is a bit older. For now my wife uses it to help reach into the crib (she is even more vertically challenged than I). It is a very simple design, slightly modified from the one in Popular Woodworking's "I Can Do...
  7. davejones

    Sharpening workshop, thank you

    A big thanks to Mike Davis for hosting the sharpening workshop today. :icon_thum I know I learned a lot, and I think everyone else did as well. Not only did Mike offer up his home and knowledge, but a great lunch was served too. Hard to beat for the price! Mike, please let me know if...
  8. davejones

    Can anyone ID this wood?

    I picked up some mystery wood in the $5 box at Wall Lumber a while back. I was not sure what it was, but it worked out to ~$2/bf for surfaced, thin stock that I thought would be good for some small boxes. I would describe it as similar to walnut in terms of weight and pore structure, but the...
  9. davejones

    Been a while.....

    It's been a while since I have been active on the site. Here is one little reason why: View image in gallery View image in gallery Camden Silas Jones, future woodworker, born 8/7/10. Mom and baby are doing well (still not sure about Dad though :rotflm: ). Hope to find some more shop...
  10. davejones

    Project Completed

    I got the last coat of finish on the dresser/changing table today. I moved it into the house as suggested by a couple of members here. It made a huge difference in keeping the dust out of the finish. Not perfect, but I am happy. Now on to the crib! View image in gallery View image...
  11. davejones

    Finishing your finishing

    I ran into a situation on a dresser top where I had a dog hair in what I thought would be my final coat (no pun intended). Now I love my dog, but his hair is the complete wrong color to match this project..... Soooo, I proceeded to try to just fix the area in question. I was hoping to sand...
  12. davejones

    Dresser/Changing Table WIP

    Here are some WIP pics on my latest project. It is a dresser which will double as a changing table for a little gloat that is supposed to arrive in August. :eusa_danc Carcass is walnut with through DT's on the top and a sliding DT for the bottom. Poplar was used for the drawer divider...
  13. davejones

    Can't upload photos

    I am unable to upload any photos, getting a Server IO error. There is also some debug info at the bottom of the page that is not normally there. Browser info: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3
  14. davejones

    Finishing a dresser

    I am working on a low dresser on which I am getting close to the assembly stage. Thinking about finishing I understand that most people recommend not finishing the inside of a cabinet or drawer and this makes sense to me. What I am trying to understand is how to approach this in practice...
  15. davejones

    Reconditioned DW735

    Has anyone ever purchased from these guys? Any feedback, good or bad? I was thinking of pulling the trigger on the recon 735, but wanted to be cautious as I am not familiar with this supplier. Thanks in advance, Dave
  16. davejones

    Which glue for kitchen laminate?

    I need to tack down a corner of our kitchen counter laminate that got snagged on someone's clothes. Do I need a special glue for this, contact cement, or just plain old yellow glue? It is just a ~ 6 inch piece of the front edge that is loose. Thanks, Dave
  17. davejones

    MS Station w/ Snap-On Drawers

    Almost complete after getting sidetracked on several other projects. These are the Snap-On drawers from MrAudio815 (Matthew). I still need to finish up the DC setup, build a door for the center cabinet, and apply finish. I think I am going to try WB poly on this. The drawers and...
  18. davejones

    Ogee Stile & Rail set at Lowes

    I went looking for a deal on a bandsaw last night, but ended up finding this instead. Regular price was $109. This was the last one in Mayodan.
  19. davejones

    Ridgid Planer Issues

    I had my first major mishap in the shop last week while running my planer (Ridgid R4330). My knives were dull so I turned them to the other side. While doing this I found 3 bolt heads that were stripped on the knife backer bars. I eventually was able to get them out, and replaced them with...
  20. davejones

    Tool Gloat

    Many thanks to Steve Coles for offering up his old drill press for sale. I took a trip to Apex this afternoon to pick it up. If only I had jumped on that band saw I really could have rounded out the shop today..... View image in gallery Steve, It was great meeting you today. The cargo...

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