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  1. Acelectric

    Dewalt DW735 13” Planer w/Shelix - $600 (Polkton) GONE

    Congrats!!!! I'm glad you got it. I was second in line for it if you hadn't taken it.
  2. Acelectric

    "Free" Bent lamination workshop

    I would be willing to make the drive. Just need to know the date and what to bring.
  3. Acelectric

    SketchUp - Make Unique

    If you hold down ctrl you can select both shelves and make them unique together.
  4. Acelectric

    Looking for a new Joiner to build Dinning Room Table

    I have the Shop Fox 8" jointer and have been very pleased with it. I used the 3 knife head it came with for a long time but I recently upgraded to a Byrd head. I strongly recommend putting a Byrd head in whichever jointer you get.
  5. Acelectric

    Woodturning Classes

    It was a fun class, I am ready to do it again. The chili was out of this world too!
  6. Acelectric

    Interest in a workshop?

    I have a project using some bent laminations coming up soon.
  7. Acelectric

    Woodturning Classes

    I'll take that final spot if it is still available. I will have to put in for that day off but that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.
  8. Acelectric

    Motor problem on Drill Press

    When it stops does the motor hum or buzz or does it just stop? If it hums or buzzes then it is still trying to run in which case I would say the bearings may be locking up. If it is quiet then it is loosing power somewhere along the way. Could be a short in the wiring, the switch going bad...
  9. Acelectric

    Portamate storage racks $19.98 clearance

    It didn't show free shipping for me until I put it in the cart.
  10. Acelectric

    Free Laguna Resaw King - 3/4" - 131.5"

    That looks just like mine. I guess you beat me to it.
  11. Acelectric

    Portamate storage racks $19.98 clearance

    Wow nice deal. Just ordered 5 of them. Might not need them all right now but i will use them eventually. :) Thanks for the heads up. :thumbs_up
  12. Acelectric

    Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spraying System

    I bought this one from Highland. It is a two stage verses the single stage 5500. I haven't actually used it yet but it gets good reviews.
  13. Acelectric

    Oak Ridge to China Grove

    I will be making a trip to Jeremy's to pick up my raffle prize. If anyone in the Mooresville/Salisbury/Kannapolis area needs me to bring something back this way let me know.
  14. Acelectric

    Signup for Concord Sharpening/plane class April 29

    So have we settled on a starting time for this?
  15. Acelectric

    Smile for us tomorrow

    Thanks for posting this. I did not know NCWW was an eligible charity. I buy quite a lot of stuff from Amazon. Now my purchases will also support this site. :icon_thum
  16. Acelectric

    Interest in classes in the Concord area?

    A hand plane class would be my first choice. Sharpening second.
  17. Acelectric

    Interest in classes in the Concord area?

    There have been several classes that I would have liked to attend but they were a bit too far away for me. Concord would be perfect for me.
  18. Acelectric

    Waxing My Sled with ???

    I use Johnson's paste wax on mine as well as all metal surfaces in the shop. Not too expensive and lasts a long time.
  19. Acelectric

    Digital Work Tunes Ear Muffs at Rockler $30

    I love the ones I have. One of the best investments I have ever made. I use them all the time, often when I don't have any machinery running I will still have them on. Even at only 22dB reduction they still bring the noise down to acceptable levels and you can still hear the machinery...

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