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  1. Acelectric

    Oak Ridge to China Grove

    I will be making a trip to Jeremy's to pick up my raffle prize. If anyone in the Mooresville/Salisbury/Kannapolis area needs me to bring something back this way let me know.
  2. Acelectric

    Christmas Gifts

    I have been lurking around for a while but haven't posted much. Lately the woodworking bug has bitten me again so I thought I would share a few photos of some gifts I have made in the last month or so. Here is my favorite: . Here is a link to other photos. I have several other things I...
  3. Acelectric

    Grizzly Coupon

    Does anyone have a grizzly coupon they won't be using? I am going to order a jointer in the morning and 10% off would be great.
  4. Acelectric

    Cut List Addon for Sketchup

    I am finally getting time to work on the furniture I have been promising my wife I would build. I got the dresser sketched out and need a good cutlist plugin for sketchup. What is the best one for woodworkers? Thanks in advance.
  5. Acelectric

    My Newest Playtoy

    After looking at and researching it for months, I finally decided to order a new bandsaw. It arrived Thursday and I got it set up and running today. I can see lots of veneers and book matching in my future. :wsmile:
  6. Acelectric

    Sanding Disk

    After making a chess set this past weekend the wife and I needed a way to finish sanding the knights. Alan made a sanding disk while we were taking the class so copied I his design. I only had 1 small faceplate so I decided to make a faceplate to go with it. Cutting the blank for the...
  7. Acelectric

    12" Jointer

    I am going to be in Asheville this weekend. Would this be worth looking at while I am there? Not much info on it. What do you guys think about it?
  8. Acelectric

    Which chuck to get

    I have an HF mini lathe that I have been turning pens with. I would like to get a chuck to go on it and have narrowed down my choices to 2 chucks from Penn State but I can't decide which to get.
  9. Acelectric

    To Parallel or not to Parallel, that is the question.

    I am looking to get an 8" jointer. I probably should have jumped on that Grizzly with the paint blemish but I procrastinated too long, oh well. My question is about parallel adjustable beds. Is it worth the extra cost or will the dovetail style beds work just as well? Parallel beds are...
  10. Acelectric

    First Pen

    My mandrel saver and pen kits arrived today. Here are a few pics of my first pen. Other pics can be found in the gallery. The victim: The kit: Drilling the blanks: Blanks drilled and tubes glued in. Mounted in the lathe. Making it round. Round! Ready for...
  11. Acelectric

    Pen Making Questions

    I am contemplating starting a journey into pen making. Trying to decide what supplies and equipment would be best to get. I have a few questions I am hoping you experienced penmakers out there can help me with. First up is what kind of mandrel should I get? I have been looking at the Mandrel...
  12. Acelectric

    HF Work Bench

    Has anyone had any experience with this workbench? With coupon I can...
  13. Acelectric

    Kitchen Light

    I finally managed to finish a project. Nothing fancy. Started out with a 4'. 4 tube T8 drop in light fixture and built a box to wrap it in. I couldnt resist box jointing the corners. Finished it with 2 coats of sanding sealer and 2 coats of polyurethane.
  14. Acelectric

    Home Button

    Starting yesterday, when I hit the "Home" button at the top of the screen it takes me to the "What's New" page instead. I still get all the new posts but the format is different and is harder to read. Has something changed in the way the site works or have I changed a setting somewhere?
  15. Acelectric

    Sweet Gum

    I am going to have a decent sized (18" diameter) sweet gum cut down soon. Should I try to make any of it into lumber? Is it worth making anything out of or should I cut it all up into firewood?
  16. Acelectric

    Lathe Height

    I am about to build a stand to mount my lathe on. What is a good height to have it at?
  17. Acelectric

    Wood Glue

    Other than price, is there any reason to use anything other than Titebond III for all wood joints? I know there are times when you need other types of glue but when you just need a pva glue is there a time when you would prefer Titebond Original or Titebond II instead? I have been using...
  18. Acelectric

    What is it?

    Was looking around on craigslist and found this listed with a bunch of other woodworking tools. Any Idea what this is?
  19. Acelectric

    Mdf vs. Baltic Birtch

    A lot of the plans I find for various jigs recommend using Mdf plywood. It is very flat and stable. Somewhat cheaper as well. What I don't like about it is that all it takes is a little bit of water and it starts coming apart. Is mdf that much more stable than Baltic birch? With all the...
  20. Acelectric

    Box Joints

    I am in the process of making a box joint jig. The fingers fit together VERY tightly. My question is how tight should they be? My fingers are measuring .499 and my slots are almost exactly .500. Any advice is appreciated.

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