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  1. NCTurner

    Ral/Cary Not DIY-Recommend Small Job(Security Light) Electrician

    Nick, thanks for the info. I’ll reach out and see what they say.
  2. NCTurner

    Ral/Cary Not DIY-Recommend Small Job(Security Light) Electrician

    Hey y’all looking for an electrician referral for someone to come out and do a small job. I have a second story security light that seems to be shot. I know it’s an easy swap, but I DON’T do ladders over about 10’. So who do you know, that I need to know, that would come out and swap this...
  3. NCTurner

    Free Sweeping Compund

    This is the better part of (I believe a 50lb) bag of sweeping compound. Free in Ral/Cary area till 9/5 then it’s off to the dump. Let me know if interested, can meet around Fairgrounds, Bass Pro, or Cary HF. This is free, forgot to mention that important tidbit.
  4. NCTurner

    Wanting a Vacuum Chuck for Woodturning

    This! Vacuum Chuck Get a Gast pump used off EBay.
  5. NCTurner

    Tired of hitting roots with your mower?

    Check out this trick! Short version, use your angle grinder on them.
  6. NCTurner

    Grading question...”sloping property home”

    Y’all as always, fail to disappoint. Thank you for the info and thoughts.
  7. NCTurner

    (SOLD) Powermatic 3520b... $2000

    Someone jump on that!!! Holy smokes!!!
  8. NCTurner

    Grading question...”sloping property home”

    So my home is slightly built into a hillside/sloping property. We have a large deck off the rear of the house, and the grade underneath is inclined also. My question is can I safely dig this out and grade it flat? Do I need to worry about water seepage getting into my garage if I do? See pic and...
  9. NCTurner

    Campbell Hausfeld tools @ WalMart

    Visited the local WM today and noticed they are clearing out a bunch of CH tooling. Everything was marked down compressors, air tools, and welding gear. This: Campbell Hausfeld 115 Volt Stick Welder with Welding Kit (WS099098AV) was down to $74 for anyone that might be interested.
  10. NCTurner

    Christmas for Cops

  11. NCTurner

    Christmas for Cops

    IGY6! Thanks for doing a tough job out there. Might I suggest doing some Thin Blue Line pens. I have given a few as gifts in the past and they went over well. Blackwood or Ebony and blue acrylic or blue dyed maple. You could do either long glue ups, or a band in the center. couple this blank...
  12. NCTurner

    Sanding Bowls

    Shear cut Lyle Jamieson Woodturners Sanding Tools I am a big fan of counter sanding, Outside of piece run the lathe in reverse and drill forward. Inside of piece large forward , and drill in forward. So they spin in opposite directions.
  13. NCTurner

    It’s that time of year again...

    Side note, if your property is lucky enough to have a healthy population of Possum, they will dispatch the copperheads for you too. They happen to be immune to the venom and absolutely enjoy snake.
  14. NCTurner

    It’s that time of year again...

    Poor girl! Sad to hear that. I removed one about 36” last year. I don’t fault anyone who does kill them, and completely understand doing so. Mine is just a personal choice to relocate when I can. As previously stated, I also have the tools and knowledge to do so safely, if you are not familiar...
  15. NCTurner

    It’s that time of year again...

    I relocated him to a wooded area about 5 miles down the rd. I don’t personally see a need to kill them, they keep the rodent population down, and generally don’t bother humans unless tread upon. I used to keep about 30 snakes, and while none of them were “hot” I know how to handle them properly...
  16. NCTurner

    It’s that time of year again...

    Careful in your outside wood piles, the snakes are bedding in and moving slow. Found this little guy outside while cleaning up today...
  17. NCTurner

    Code Question Exterior Stair railing

    I knew I could count on y’all!! Thanks Phil! I thought that was the number I remembered, apparently I haven’t completely lost my mind yet! Remembering the word baluster on the other hand....
  18. NCTurner

    Code Question Exterior Stair railing

    I about to redo some railing on my exterior stairs leading up to my 2nd level front door, I’ll just be replacing the verticals inside the frame. I seem to recall that there is a spacing minimum to meet code, am I correct? 4” is the number in my head for some reason...... Wake County

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