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    iPad holder

    Nice, and i agree that the allen wrench holder is clever
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    Guitar Build started almost a decade ago.

    Going to be one of a kind, looks great
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    Oscillating Multi-tools: What do you have? What's good? What's bad?

    I have the Makita Multi-tool (XMT03Z), used it to cut channels in about 120 over the road trailers to install wiring and cooling lines. Was basically indestructible until it walked off the job-site. I replaced it with the same model, as we had some HF ones in the shop that didn't hold up as...
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    Anyone recommend a cordless router?

    Good point, if you look at Makita product photos, they don't show the battery, or when they do, it's in a light grey color. Unless you're using it vertical, on the base, they seem very off-balance
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    Machine cleaning & waxing

    I have my "shop" in the basement with 2 dehumidifiers, a sump pump, and a fan.... keeps humidity below 50% and rust free after 15 year
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    Machine cleaning & waxing

    would there be an issue with the wax transferring to the wood you're running across the machine?
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    Sick of breaking screws

    Ha, my dad taught me the soap trick 50 years ago, always had a bar on his workbench when he was making wooden purses for my mom (mahogany usually)
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    Wall Tool Cabinet - Progress report

    I have some hand me down rolling wood cabinets with chisels / planes, and am always worried about rust / corrosion. How do you tackle that in your beautiful tool cabinet?
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    led strip/tape lighting

    i used the philips hue ones, they integrate with Siri so you can ask her to change the lights to 50%, or red, or whatever. There are videos on YouTube about how to cut them across the solder joint, and then use 6 conductor wire to extend between shelf / cabinet levels OR there are also clip on...
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    My Adventures in 3D Printing

    What filament material did you use? and what kind of guidance do you have for different projects?
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    Well, its IN the shop.......

    I'd like to spend an afternoon making some of those "do nothing" parts. And being able to "wrap" a design like that vertical florish around the cylindrical object. Lots of maths going on there.
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    New part time woodworker from Charlotte

    I'm in an old house in dilworth, has a ¼ basement full of "stuff"
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    New part time woodworker from Charlotte

    Over the years I've inherited and picked up quite a lot of tools, just need to get back into it... so I'm here to read, look, and learn.

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