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  1. Tar Heel

    Direct Tool Store -Mebane Tanger Outlet

    Yesterday the new Tanger Outlet opened. My wife won a $1,000 Tanger gift card (gloat) from radio station WCHL contest, so I accompanied her to carry her packages. There is a Direct Tool store there that was interesting. Most, if not all, of the merchadise were factory reconditioned with a 1 yr...
  2. Tar Heel

    Need any wood?

    Yesterday, I was driving down Duke Homestead Rd. in Durham and passed a house that had a HUGE tree (probably oak) cut into sections in the front yard. It would make someone some nice turning blanks. The house is on the right between the Duke Homestead entrance and Guess Rd. Is there anyone in...
  3. Tar Heel

    This may be one of those too good to be true deals

    In another post on this forum, I said that I was having trouble with the motor on my HF 34706 lathe. I called customer service today and asked how much a new motor costs. I was shocked at the answer.....$42.30 plus $9.95 shipping. I am not ready to upgrade to a better lathe so this might be...
  4. Tar Heel

    She hums but she won't spin - UPDATE

    I haven't turned anything in the last couple of months due to it beng so hot. The lathe was working fine when I last used it. Today, all it will do is hum. I checked the belt, blew out the capacitor with compressed air but no luck. Any ideas? It is a HF 34706 that I have had for 6 years with no...
  5. Tar Heel

    Saw the Thomas Day exhibit today

    This afternoon I visited the NC Museum of History and saw the Day exhibit. He was quite a woodworker who used mostly maghogany veneer over poplar and pine. He also used walnut on occasion but mahogany veneer seemed to be his mainstay.. It's amazing what he could do with hand tools. They have...
  6. Tar Heel

    Wooden clock at the picnic.

    The wooden clock was a very interesting and unique piece of woodworking. I can't imagine the amount of patience, skill, precision, and the steady hand required to make that. The one thing I never learned was who made it. Does anyone know who it was?
  7. Tar Heel

    UPDATE on GPS directions to picnic site

    I wrote the original directions to the picnic a couple of weeks ago. Before doing so, I called the Chapel Hill Parks & Recreaton Dept. and asked for the physical address. I was given the address of 1300 Hwy 15-501 which is what I put in the directions. There has been some discussion over the...
  8. Tar Heel

    What's the count on ticket sales?

    Time is getting short. Has there been an increase in sales?
  9. Tar Heel

    Picnic item signup sheet.

    I think consideration should be given to having a link to the signup sheet for food/drink/picnic items in the "upcoming events" box at the top of the page. As of now, it is in the picnic thread posted bt Scott that is in the events box. It needs to be prominently displayed to make it easy to...
  10. Tar Heel


    Scott, have you found a rental source for the tables/chairs that we may need for the picnic. If you would like me to, I'll see what I can find, I assume the closer to the picnic site the better. I don't have a truck so I would not be able to transport them.
  11. Tar Heel

    2010 Spring Picnic Directions to and pictures of the site

    The annual picnic on May 22 will be held at Southern Community Park in Chapel Hill. For those with a GPS, the address is 1300 Hwy 15-501, Chapel Hill. Directions are as follows: From Raleigh/Cary - Take I-40W until you come to Exit 273B. Take that exit and cloverleaf around and you will be...
  12. Tar Heel

    Jet jointer

    I have a friend who is looking for a used jointer. Does anyone have any experience with the Jet JSL-6L. Also, is anyone wanting to upgrade to an 8" who might have a good 6' they would like yo sell.
  13. Tar Heel

    Any ideas on what to do with this?

    This is a piece of walnut I got somewhere, don't remember where, years ago. It's about 10" X 8" X 7/8. I got it out of the scrap pile and used my ROS on one side and then wiped it down with mineral spirits, and then took the pic and was amazed at what I had. Although I'm a turner, I'm not a...
  14. Tar Heel

    Picnic question

    This is mainly for ScottM but I'll post it here rather than do the PM thing. I just saw, and clicked on, the picnic banner and read the thread announcing the picnic. When I spoke with the park & recretion dept. about booking the Chapel Hill site, I didn't think about the possibility of a lumber...
  15. Tar Heel

    Off topic forum

    The off topic forum, and what should/should not be posted on it has been discussed quite a bit lately. I remember that in our last telephone conference it was stated by someone that, basically, anything posted on that forum should be woodworking related but that it be something that didn't...
  16. Tar Heel

    What a finish!!

    The members of NCWW deserve a big round of applause. The donation drive ended yesterday on a very successful note. The format and frequency of the drives has changed. Rather than having four 30 day quarterly drives, the board of directors decided to have two 45 day drives. We got off to a...
  17. Tar Heel


    I'm sure you all have seen the thermometer showing total donations of $2,815. We raised $1,535 in the last 9 days of the drive. We had $1,280 when I made my "Time is slipping away" post on March 6. I know something was said about not going into detail when I make a post thanking everyone...
  18. Tar Heel

    Time is slipping away

    Our donation drive ends on March 15. We are currently running behind, and there is a real possibility that we won't meet our goal. There are no dues required to participate on NCWW and the board hopes that it won't ever become necessary to institute a dues program. There are fixed, as well, as...
  19. Tar Heel

    Three down, three to go.

    As most know, our donation drive will run for a total of 6 weeks, February 1 - March 15. We are now at the half-way point. We got off to a good start and had $695 at the end of the first week. However, contributions have slowed considerably during the past 2 weeks. We have collected only $195...
  20. Tar Heel

    Chapel Hill's Southern Community Park

    The two shelters at the park were booked this morning for May 22 from 8 AM to 5 PM for a total cost of $100. I visited the park this morning and took these pictures. Additional pictures are in my photo gallery if anyone is interested. The first two pics are both of the large shelter at different...

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