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    Barn beams, pine poles, barn boards - for sale or barter - Apex, NC

    Hello - I have some old tobacco barn beams (vary in length from 6' to 9' to 18'), some pine poles (18') and barn boards from a barn dismantle in Apex. The beams are charred on one side from a fire that happened inside the tobacco barn. Some are hard pine, a couple are oak and I think a few are...
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    Where can I buy straight 2x4's that will remain straight for years ?

    Don't laugh. Where can I buy straight 2x4's that will remain straight for years to come? I want to build a 12x14 all-season platform tent with wooden interior frame that will likely stay up most of the year and possibly all the time. It may get taken down, stored for awhile, and then put back...
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    Hoops for a covered wagon

    Does anyone in NC make hoops / bows for a covered wagon ? What I am looking for is pre-made hoops to add to a trailer. Thought it was worth a shot to ask here. Tks
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    best place to buy 1x6 siding near Apex?

    Where is the best place to buy 1x6 southern yellow pine wood siding near Apex? Need enough for an 8x10 shed project. Any recommendations? Tks.
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    Wood offer - barn wood - boards in exchange for help moving other wood

    Hi- I dismantled a 16x16 tobacco barn awhile back and have it stored near the elementary school on Old Jenks Road in Apex. I need to move some of it to my house about 4 miles away and am looking to either sell some of it (nice old wide boards and some dimensional lumber) or find someone with a...
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    Large Black Walnut Tree

    What is the value of a 24" standing black walnut tree (24" across)? Located near Sanford, NC. I may need to take it down to generate some $$ for a crane rental for a project at the site. It sits about 40' off the road and is easily accessible. Tks
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    Material for kitchen cabinet boxes / face frames

    I am looking for panels / material to build boxes and face frames for kitchen cabinets. Exterior end panels also. Is there anywhere in the Raleigh area that sells pre-finished stock or possibly makes wood boxes and drawers at wholesale? Can't afford to hire a cabinet maker... New to this...
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    Super-thick gel stain?

    I am looking for recommendations for a stain to touch up some builder-grade cabinets that are pickled-oak in color (oak wood). The finish has worn off near the knobs and other areas of high-use and I am looking for something to put on it without having to strip it down. Something to cover it...
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    Wood available in Apex

    I posted this about a month ago and have more info. I have some wood taken from a dismantled tobacco barn that I want to trade/barter/sell. This is located about 15-20 minutes from where the picnic will be this weekend. What I have is mostly old pine barn boards and pieces.. with a little...
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    tenon maker ...

    I saw a show the other day on DIY network where they made a bed out of pieces of trees that were about 4" round. They had a tenon maker that went on the end of a drill and it made round tenons. They used a variety of sizes but the largest were about 4". Where can I find something like that...
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    Who wants wood ?

    Woodworkers need wood right? Maybe some members here would be interested in the following: I have some wood from a small old tobacco barn that I tore down about a year and a half ago. There are numerous barn boards, beams, dimensional rough cut lumber, poles, and misc. boards that I hope to...
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    portable sawmill service ?

    I have a number of old beams from an old tobacco barn that I would like sawed up... some into boards for flooring & trim and some just squared up. Is there anyone who has a portable mill that would come do this in exchange for some wood? The beams are mostly hard pine with a few oak mixed in...
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    Greetings from Apex, NC

    Greetings from Apex, NC. Found this site recently while on a hunt for a planer. Hope to get into woodworking and build some furniture and items from some old building materials/lumber. Tore down a small barn (16x20) and have a fair amount of old barn boards, beams and misc. wood that I'd...
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    need coffee tabletop made

    I would like to get a simple small coffee table (shaker style)... or just table top, made out of some cherry boards that were cut on my property about 10 years ago. Does not need to be finished - just put together. I do not have the tools to do it. Hoping to find someone in the Apex, Cary...

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