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  1. Steve W

    WEN Lathe difficulties

    Sorry this took so long, Scott. I've been sorting out a complex issue with some radio stuff. I plan on looking at this with a scope once I have all the transmitters and receivers in my ham shack sorted out. I just came into a large pile of equipment and am still working through it :-) I...
  2. Steve W

    WEN Lathe difficulties

    TNX, Scott. Will take a look once I get it apart.
  3. Steve W

    WEN Lathe difficulties

    Good morning and happy Friday to y'all. I picked up a WEN 34018 12" mini lathe at a yard sale that has a problem with maintaining a steady speed. I got it cheap, with a bunch of chucks and some basic tools, so it was worth the risk. When I turn it on, it takes a few seconds to start, then...
  4. Steve W

    WEN has some comedians on the payroll

    I bought a WEN air cleaner two years ago and it has worked very well. At $135, it's quite a bit less than most of the others and it does have 1-micron filtering.
  5. Steve W

    White Oak Boards and Beams for sale

    Are you selling them all as one lot or would you go with smaller quantities? I'm also in Graham so this is attractive to me to purchase a couple of boards... Thanks!
  6. Steve W

    The Hillsborough Efland Mebane Chapel Hill Durham and nearby get-to-know-you thread

    Ken, have you heard ANYthing? We really need to get HOW going again!
  7. Steve W

    Out of circulation for a while...

    Hi, everyone! A lot has happened since the last time I hung out here: I had a career that kinda ate a lot of my spare time, a parent living with us for a few years, a move and, of course, last year. :) We moved to Graham and I now have a huge basement shop, so now, I'm also looking at...
  8. Steve W

    Ever had this happen to your router?

    Gonna check mine when I get home...
  9. Steve W

    Cover for Drain Pipe

    Scribe a filler or go underneath and re-route the pipe.
  10. Steve W

    NCWW Contest August 2019 - Post Pictures of a Home Improvement Project

    I meant to include the finished steps. I messed up the skirt somewhat and may fix it. Right now, I'm working on getting the shop finished!
  11. Steve W

    I am back!

    Every Monday night starting around 18.30. Locations vary. Mike's probably the best contact these days, since Jim had to head off for some medical issues. will get you there.
  12. Steve W


    I've got the space but already have the benches. The price is super cheap for what it is (but, alas, the money supply has also been damaged from my move plus having to spend a lot on one of my rentals this month!).
  13. Steve W

    NCWW Contest August 2019 - Post Pictures of a Home Improvement Project

    At the new house in Graham, I had to have a contractor come in to put a French drain around our full basement and we have two finished rooms down at the end. This meant pulling up all the carpet, taking down the lower portions of four walls, demolishing the landing and three bottom stairs. The...
  14. Steve W

    NCWW Contest August 2019 - Post Pictures of a Home Improvement Project

    I used that same Trex at my previous house. It stays good-looking for longer than stained PT and requires only an annual session with the pressure washer. I'm looking at having to do this over again at the new place and will probably use the Trex again. That looks great with the black railings.
  15. Steve W

    I am back!

    Right now, in the midst of some carpentry. The shop is starting to coalesce. It had been over a year since I'd used my bandsaw and I'm afraid the poly tyres decided to pack it in. Waiting for parts from Grizzly. This is a 1989 saw and they still stock some parts for it: I'm finally getting...
  16. Steve W

    I am back!

    Thanks, Bill. New location will be much easier to work with -- even with my wife's Christmas decorations in the corner! Will be a little closer to Snow Camp :-)
  17. Steve W

    I am back!

    I haven't checked in here for a long time, though I've been semi-active with Hillsborough Orange Woodworkers (HOW) for the last 7-8 years. My interest is being revived, as I'm getting a huge bump in shop space, as we move to Graham and I get a 21x42 shop space in our new house's unfinished...
  18. Steve W's kitchen - done at last!

    Steve W's kitchen - done at last!

  19. Steve W

    New Tools- When do you buy them?

    Every once in a while, I just need to feed the beast; I leave it at that.

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