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    Cannot post a classified ad.

    I had 2 power tool ads I wanted to post. I was able to post the first one with no problem, but it wouldn't let me post the second one. Can you tell me how to post the 2nd ad.
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    Not sure which scroll saw to buy

    I have been thinking about buying a scroll saw. I have been looking at a Dewalt saw at Klingspore that sells for $529.00 I think. I wanted to check with some experienced scrollers before I purchased anything. What saw would you recommend? Thanks for any advice.
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    Build a Bear Armoire with pics

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    router duplicator question

    Hey guys, I have been thinking about buying a sign maker kit from rockler, but the more research I do, the more options I have. I'm really confused on what to get. From rockler I can get the interlocking lettering kit. Then I saw the Milescraft pantograph. It seems like I could do more with the...
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    wood expansion and contraction

    I am building a cedar chest. The outside is red oak and it will be lined with cedar. Underneath the top is also lined. I was wondering if the two woods might expand at different rates. I am also wondering how I should attatch the cedar. I was thinking about using pin nails and no glue. I'm just...
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    Cedar chest lining

    I am building a cedar chest out of oak and I want to line it with cedar. Does anyone know where I can buy a tongue and groove bit that will work with 3/8" thick boards? Most of the sets I see only go down to 1/2". I thought I might cut them on my table saw if I can't find a T&G set. If anyone...
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    New Pics,

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    Mark from Winston Salem

    I just wanted to say hello. I have lived in Winston for about 3 years now and since then I have really gotten serious about woodworking. I am originally from Macon, Ga. Right now I work out of a very small shop and my garage, but some day I hope to build a larger shop. I guess we can never have...

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