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  1. Glennbear

    The Case for Ethanol Fuel Use

    I agree with Bruce that running a generator fuel bowl dry after use is the way to go. After rebuilding the carb when it quit my small engine repair guy told me about that trick and also advised that I use Startron in all my small engines and agitate the fuel can before refueling and to use...
  2. Glennbear


    Way back in the 70's I was a paid fire chief and for a brief time back then aluminum helmets were a thing using the traditional FDNY leather configuration as a template. It was quickly discovered that they were too lightweight to stay on and offer impact protection. The other problem was rapid...
  3. Glennbear

    Sterilizing wood

    Just a thought here, do you know any ceramic artists ? I know my sister's kiln was pretty large and one could regulate temps.
  4. Glennbear

    Masonry bit

    Tapcon screws fall into my "better than sliced bread" tool category, after you drill your holes be sure to either vacuum or blow the dust out of the hole or the screws will bind before being fully seated.
  5. Glennbear

    Not feeling the love for pocket screws

    I have found that the dual thread screws work really well.
  6. Glennbear

    What Kind of Vise ???????

    This is exactly what I did and I consider it one of my better moves LOL
  7. Glennbear

    What WOOD do you tyhink this is

    Thanks for posting these links, I am a big fan of this species and these are the best links I have seen. I am fortunate to have a stash of old Fir gym bleacher boards that were milled 50+ years ago.
  8. Glennbear

    Considering AC for my shop!

    FWIW I have a 110V window unit in my 24x24 well insulated wood framed shop. This is not the largest 110 unit I could get but in conjunction with my ceiling mounted air cleaner moving air around my shop is bearable during the summer.
  9. Glennbear

    Closing in lean-to

    My 24x24 shop has LP Smart Siding and it is holding up well. As others have said you just need to keep it up from ground contact, I also added termite shielding under the edge.
  10. Glennbear

    Another tragedy with a Happy Ending

    I have a tack trunk I would like to ship to my daughter on the west coast. What shipper did you use ? where is nephew located ? what was the cost ? did you do your own crating ? I checked with the nearest UPS store and they seemed somewhat clueless and quote seemed quite high. Thanks.
  11. Glennbear

    Shop Vac filter

    I used an aftermarket washable filter in my Shop Vac for many years successfully. The vac finally died and I bought a Sears and continue to use the same style filter. I keep forgetting to try the knee high hose trick. BTW, I think I have the solution to the leaking gas well problem in CA, just...
  12. Glennbear

    Plumbing what kind?

    As a former fire safety/insurance inspector all I can do is shake my head.
  13. Glennbear

    Finally putting in decent access to the shop

    I put in a double wide paver driveway at my old house and just used tamped sand. I made sure the edges were trapped with the plastic paver edging and I did not experience any problems despite the fact that the driveway had a slight slope. I think since you are only anticipating foot traffic sand...
  14. Glennbear

    Best method to refurb a morse taper

    No first hand experience but I have heard of folks using valve grinding (lapping) compound. Allegedly a dab provides enough "bite" to make up for a sloppy fit.
  15. Glennbear

    Wall Cabinet design question

    I agree about drywall screws, now I use deck screws when I would have grabbed drywall screws for a project in my younger foolish days :wwink:
  16. Glennbear

    Announcing my involuntary early retirement at work

    Best of luck Ken, I had to get out at 58 since I could no longer afford to live and work in the Northeast. I took my pension and ran to Virginia, it was tight until SS kicked in at 62 but no regrets. Early on I heard something which turned out to be true, "Retirement is a license to overextend...
  17. Glennbear

    Question about shutters

    I would add a caveat..... My last house had decorative board and batten shutters which required repainting over the years. When I bought my current house it had vinyl raised panel shutters and I was looking forward to 0 maintenance. About 5 years down the line the vinyl color started to go from...
  18. Glennbear

    Non toxic sealant

    I would consider walnut oil.
  19. Glennbear

    1st Impressions - G1053RL Table Saw

    On my Rigid TS I cut down on some of the flying dust by using gaffers tape and sheet rubber roofing to cover openings. The rubber bends out of the way when tilting etc.
  20. Glennbear

    Update on the Workshop...

    Thanks for starting this thread Dave, It has reminded me to do something about my window AC unit. It does little to cool the shop when it is still sitting 100 feet away in it's winter home in the shed. :nah:

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