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  1. Glennbear

    Loose Screws Tip

    Today's project was installing hold open hardware on a shed door. The hardware went into the pocket of my hoodie and the screwdriver went into my back pocket along with the ice pick for starting the holes. Usually this kind of project entails attempting to extricate the small screws from the...
  2. Glennbear

    Mirka Sander Recall #2

    Back in June the CPSC announced the recall of some Mirka sanders, The recall has been extended:
  3. Glennbear

    Election Day

    238 + years ago a group of brave men met in Philadelphia to serve notice on England that we were an independent nation. In the years following a Constitution was hammered out establishing democracy and over the years the constitution was amended to add voting rights for women and people of...
  4. Glennbear

    Happy Grandparent's Day

    As I approach my second week as a new Grandad I wish all the Grandmas and Grandpas a happy Grandparent's day. :gar-Bi
  5. Glennbear

    Grandpa !!!!!

    This morning my daughter Jessica in Massachusetts gave birth to my grandson Viren Kumar Jha. Mom and baby are doing fine and I look forward to the day I can teach him the joy of woodworking. :wsmile:
  6. Glennbear

    RIP Mom

    On Wednesday my Mom in NJ passed away after a long illness. She was 89 years old and predeceased by my Dad several years ago. She will be missed by all 6 of us kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and the rest of the extended family and friends. As my elder daughter has said I am sure she is now...
  7. Glennbear

    Happy Birthday USA !!!!

    238 Years old and still going strong :eusa_danc I remember the BIG party we threw when you turned 200, that was one heck of a BBQ but will we still party hearty and safely today :gar-Bi
  8. Glennbear

    College Logos

    In the NCWW service area there are a number of colleges and universities and college logos are popular for decorating our creations. In most instances usage is licensed by the institution and obtaining rights can be a pricey proposition. Virginia Tech now has a new program geared to those who...
  9. Glennbear

    Mirka Sander Recall

    The CPSC has announced the recall of certain Mirka Random Orbit Sanders. Although most recalls involve products made in Asian countries in this case the tools were made in Finland.
  10. Glennbear

    Shop Light Recall

    The CPSC has announced the recall of some two bulb shop lights sold at Home Depot :
  11. Glennbear

    Wood Movement Facts

    Mike Davis recently posted a link to a wood movement calculator in this forum which is quite helpful. Another member posted some wood flooring for sale here and while poking around at the site selling the wood I ran across this link which does a darn good job of explaining the "nuts and bolts"...
  12. Glennbear

    Promoting NCWW

    In the years I have belonged to NCWW I have seen membership ebb and flow. In an effort to promote our hobby and group I mention woodworking to just about everyone I meet. To give you an example of how this works ponder this story............Friday I had traveled to another town 70 miles away for...
  13. Glennbear

    Ryobi BatteryPack Recall

    The CPSC has announced the recall of certain 18 V Lithium battery packs:
  14. Glennbear

    HF Drill Recall

    The CPSC has announced the recall of certain Harbor Freight cordless drills:
  15. Glennbear

    SkilSaw Miter Saw Recall

    The CPSC has announced the recall of certain models of SkilSaw Miter saws.
  16. Glennbear

    Surge Protection

    When I rewired my last 1950's era house I added whole house surge protection to the new breaker panel. My current home is circa 2006 and I have been intending to install a similar device here. A couple weeks ago my daughter, who is married to an electronics engineer, told me an electrical storm...
  17. Glennbear

    July 4th Safety

    As we prepare to celebrate America's birthday I feel I would be remiss as a former member of the fire service if I did not remind folks to be cautious. Large sections of the NCWW service area are suffering from drought conditions with the inherent hazards. The local town here, after consultation...
  18. Glennbear

    Recycled Lumber

    As a number of you know, I am a big fan of recycled wood and currently have a stash of old growth recycled bleacher boards: Knowing my interest in such wood sources my younger daughter sent me a link to a story about a woodworker in California who uses bleacher boards also. I am posting...
  19. Glennbear

    Possible problematic thread Although this thread was quite well written the content of his rant is close to the edge of unacceptable according to our policy regarding politics. The problem is that it may be seen by some as an invitation to rail against government...
  20. Glennbear

    Log Splitter Recall

    Although these are not commonly used for fine woodworking :gar-La; I like to pass along recalls of devices that members may have in their shops. :)

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