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  1. Craig C

    Sold. Accu-miter heavy duty miter gauge

    Was going to put this on Ebay but thought I would see if any of you guys are interested in it. I would like to get $100 for it. It was $220 new and it is in great condition. Just put a new shot pin in it. Will ship for whatever it costs to get it where you are. (It's pretty heavy) Or...
  2. Craig C

    Sold. Knud Oland scrapers with extra bits.

    Years ago I took a bowl turning class from Knud Oland. He used just two scrapers like these to make bowls from rough blank to finish. He also made and sold these scrapers and I bought these from him. I used these two scrapers to make many bowls until I sold my lathe when I moved to a...
  3. Craig C

    SOLD. Heavy duty 4-way cabinet/ frame clamp. Reposting with a $175 price drop.

    Selling this frame clamp that I bought when I had a bigger shop. Works great--quick set up, applies even, four-way clamping pressure, always square. This thing is a rugged cast-iron beast. Clamp capacity is 52" x 36". I've used it a lot for cabinet doors and table top glue ups. Overall...
  4. Craig C

    What is this thing?

    Cleaning out the deep dark corners of the shop and came across this. I'm thinking it is a circle cutting jig for my Delta bandsaw but don't remember how I got it or if these are all the parts. Have never used it. Couldn't find anything on line. Does anyone have one of these? Even better...
  5. Craig C

    Big frame/door clamp for sale

    After seeing everyone else's shops on the terrific Triad shop crawl, I have decided to get serious about using space better in my small basement shop. Selling this frame clamp that I bought when I had a much larger shop. When I need it, it is great--quick set up, even four-way clamping...

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