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  1. Sandy Rose

    Segmented Turning Workshop

    I would also be very interested.
  2. Sandy Rose

    Rigid table saw

    I'm in the market for a new table saw and was looking online at the stationary one by Ridgid at Home Depot, but the only store that has them in stock and on display is in Fayetteville. All the stores around Raleigh have the portable contractor version, but I can't tell how similar they are. Does...
  3. Sandy Rose

    HVLP Advice Needed

    Its getting time to paint our house and was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on using a HVLP handheld system that can spray unthinned latex paint. In theory, I would think it should work - but I'm not sure what would happen during a stiff breeze. Would it work, or just blow away...
  4. Sandy Rose

    Ipad posting problems

    That works, thanks Mike.
  5. Sandy Rose

    Ipad posting problems

    Anyone else having issues when posting to the quick reply box in a thread using an ipad? I can start a post (I'm using the ipad to write this one) but when I go to reply to a thread, I can only enter one letter at a time. I don't have any problems with the fishing forum that I read and have...
  6. Sandy Rose

    Brass tubes

    Does anyone know where I locally find long (more than a pen length) sections of the same 7mm brass tubes for most of the pen kits out there? I know woodcraft sells replace sections like the ones that come in pen kits and you can order through PSI, but I don't need a ton of it.
  7. Sandy Rose

    Cool Tools for Kids

    I sure am thinking about it!
  8. Sandy Rose

    Cool Tools for Kids

    Oh how I wish my little man was a little older!
  9. Sandy Rose

    Looking for Reclaimed boards for a table - any ideas outside of CL for Raleigh area?

    Anchor Hardwoods has reclaimed boards, not sure about milling marks though.
  10. Sandy Rose

    Do we have/want too many tools?

    I can help you out with that!!! :rotflm:
  11. Sandy Rose

    What method do you use to sharpen your hand tools?

    It gets them pretty darn sharp for me, by the time I finish with the 1500, I have a mirror finish on it....just make sure you get a decent second bevel on it. At first I noticed that I wasn't spending enough time on each grit, so I color the edge with a Sharpie marker before each grit and...
  12. Sandy Rose

    What method do you use to sharpen your hand tools?

    I just use sandpaper (80 only if it's really nicked, 120, 220, 320, 600 and 1500) with a little bit of water on it for lubrication and I use a piece of granite for a flat surface.
  13. Sandy Rose

    Maple Needed

    2nd for Anchor - helpful and friendly staff there also.
  14. Sandy Rose

    Demilune Table

    Very cool looking Dad!
  15. Sandy Rose

    Hand Tool event this wkend - you attending?

    Admission is free for both days - parking is $2 on friday and free on sat.
  16. Sandy Rose

    HELP... I have the chance to buy PSI Turncrafter Pro HELP

    Not sure what anyone can say about PSI's quality other than they're great. I have the older model of this lathe and I have no complaints with it. It's well suited for pens, small items and spindles - the only problem I ever had was when I first got it, the circuit would pop on it if I turned...
  17. Sandy Rose

    One more...

    I guess I never did this either - I am a financial and insurance advisor with a home-based practice. My wife, Nicole, and I have a son named Ryan who can't wait to play in the shop with me. Other than woodworking, I love to fish and spend time with the family. I started woodworking a few...
  18. Sandy Rose

    British Campaign Table finished

    I really like the finish on this one dad - looks good!
  19. Sandy Rose

    Which Bandsaw Blade?

    I need to replace the stock blade on my bandsaw - What are everyone's opinion between Grizzly and Timberwolf? It takes a 59.25" blade so I need to special order it from one or the other since no one stocks that size. Any advice/other suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. Sandy Rose

    Happy Birthday Larry Rose

    Happy Birthday Dad!!

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