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  3. Tar Heel

    i'm a grandpa !

    Congrats Robert, life just got infinitely better for you. Grandkids are fantastic!!
  4. Tar Heel

    how did you learn to turn?

    Ernie, you are much too modest my friend!!
  5. Tar Heel

    50 cal pen commision

    Robert, you are a true artist.....very creative. I'm sure this is something the captain will treasure for the rest of his life. Very generous thing you did. I tip my hat to you. :eusa_clap :eusa_danc
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    kidney stone
  7. unclogo


  8. Tar Heel

    sold my first bowl(s)

    Robert, you had some great looking pieces on that table. I'll give it a :thumbs_up:thumbs_up. You are much too modest. You've come a long ways in a short period of time. Creativity, like cream, always rises to the top.
  9. Tar Heel

    Direct Tool Store -Mebane Tanger Outlet

    Yesterday the new Tanger Outlet opened. My wife won a $1,000 Tanger gift card (gloat) from radio station WCHL contest, so I accompanied her to carry her packages. There is a Direct Tool store there that was interesting. Most, if not all, of the merchadise were factory reconditioned with a 1 yr...
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  11. Tar Heel

    Use for old chest freezer?

    I replaced my 30+ yr old chest freezer last year. The Habitat ReStore on 15-501 near Chapel Hill picked it up at my house. They said it was too old to put in the store, but they had someone who would take old freezers for parts. This was a quick and easy way to get rid of it.
  12. Tar Heel

    For woodworking equals double price

    Bruce, for cheap milk, go to Costco in Durham or's $2.59 a gallon. But considering all the gas you would use on a roundtrip from Apex, it would result in a hefty price/gallon. :icon_scra
  13. Tar Heel

    DeWalt 14.4v drill at Lowes $99.97

    Got one today in Chapel Hill. Used my veterans discount - $89.95 + tax.
  14. Tar Heel

    New Off Topic Forum

    Since it was not closed due to offensive posts, what would be the harm it it was reopened during this review. The action taken seems to be pre-emptive in nature which was what last year's board of directors was trying to move away from. It really does not appear to make sense closing it unless...
  15. Tar Heel

    Anyone need some WIDE double sided tape?

    If it is cut in smaller widths I'd like to have some.
  16. Tar Heel

    Need any wood?

    Yesterday, I was driving down Duke Homestead Rd. in Durham and passed a house that had a HUGE tree (probably oak) cut into sections in the front yard. It would make someone some nice turning blanks. The house is on the right between the Duke Homestead entrance and Guess Rd. Is there anyone in...
  17. Tar Heel

    New bowls ( photo heavy )

    Uda man Duster. That is some fine looking work and a very nice gesture on your part.
  18. Tar Heel

    She hums but she won't spin - UPDATE

    I bought a $7.52 capacitor today and that solved the problem. Thanks to all for their input. Now to reinstall the belt. That's not as easy as one might think when dealing with a Reeves drive.
  19. Tar Heel

    space box?

    That's pretty spiffy Fred. Is there anything you can't do?
  20. Tar Heel

    She hums but she won't spin - UPDATE

    Re: She hums but she won't spin I spent some time this morning tinkering with the motor. I had tried turning it by hand to see if it would start and it wouldn't. Then I removed the belt so there was less tension and tried turning it again. It started turning very slowly and didn't speed up...

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