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    Any interest in Foley Belsaw Planer, Boice Crane Table Saw, and Craftsman Radial Arm Saw

    My dad is moving to a home that will have a smaller shop and therefore has three older stationary tools that he wants to sell and pass on to someone else. One is a Foley Belsaw 12" planer with a 5hp motor; another is a 10" Boice Crane Table Saw; and the last is a 10" Craftsman Radial Arm saw...
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    Need Some Help

    I am building my countertops in the kitchen out of cherry and I have two places where the countertops turn 90 degrees. I am joining the two countertops at a 45 in these locations but I am having great difficulty cutting those 45's accurately. Does anybody have a sliding table saw or anything...
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    For Sale: Boule of Curly Walnut

    For sale is a boule of Walnut that has a considerable amount of curl. A boule is an entire log sawn through and through and then kept together so each piece has a consecutive bookmatch. It is 138.5 board feet. 6/4 thickness, 8' long. Widths vary, up to 24 inches wide. It has been kiln...
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    For Sale: Boule of Cherry Lumber

    For sale is a boule of Cherry. A boule is an entire log sawn through and through and then kept together so each piece has a consecutive bookmatch. This is ideal for large bookmatched table tops. It is 180.8 board feet. 6/4 thickness, 77" long. Widths vary up to 23 inches wide. It has been...
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    For Sale: Burly Maple Lumber

    For sale is a boule of burly maple. It is the entire log sawn through and through so each board has a consecutive bookmatch. It is 4/4 (1 in thick), 82" long, and boards average around 8 or 9" wide. It has been kiln dried. There are a total of 9 pieces..and they are beautiful. Thanks for...
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    Old hand tools

    I've been building my hand tool collection lately and I just wanted to share a couple of my latest finds and maybe yall can share a couple of yours. I rely on hand tools quite a bit, even when I have a power tool that can get the job done and these additions I will be able to put to good use...
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    End Tables from Bicentennial Park Lumber

    Here is the first project to come out of the trees that were cut down from Bicentennial Park in Sylva, NC. You can read more about that story here. And you can view more photos of the tables while they were in progress here. Thanks for looking yall, David Nestler Tree of Life Woodworks, LLC...
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    Latest Project - Cherry Coffee Table

    Here is my latest project and my first time doing a butterfly key. It's a coffee table my girlfriend requested. And since we live right above my shop I had no excuse. I made this one out of a nice slab of cherry a friend of mine gave me. I've posted some pictures below but if you want to see...
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    Beautiful Walnut I Just Had Milled

    Hello everyone, i just wanted to share with yall some photos of these beautiful walnut logs that i had milled this week. It was a big tree (3' in diameter) that was growing in a park in my town and had to be removed. I've just posted a few pictures here, but you can go to my website to see...
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    Grand Opening and Open House

    I am opening up a woodworking business in Sylva, NC and I wanted to extend an invitation to all woodworkers in the area to come to my grand opening. My business is Tree of Life Woodworks, LLC and i am located at 73 Brendle Street. The open house is from 12pm-5pm on Saturday October 23rd. All...

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