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    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    Another vote for Starrett. If you need one price point down, look at PEC. They also sell their "2nds/blemished" tools for a discount. I avoid woodpecker...maybe it's because so many Youtubers shove them in your face, but it puts a bad taste in my mouth. I only buy Starrett.
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    Dust collection beyond shop vac

    I'm pretty happy with my Grizzly G0548ZP 2HP. I don't have much to compare to, but for $540 with a 1 micron filter, it was a good deal. It's my first DC so I don't have much to compare to. I run it on a 17" bandsaw and it does a great job. If you buy from Grizzly, you can snag a 10% coupon code...
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    Mind Blown

    True. I mostly use a marking knife anyways. I keep a few mechanical pencils with me in the shop at all times. A larger 2mm lead holder usually used for writing on parts to mark pieces....and a 0.5mm (Specifically, this one) if I have a need to mark out joinery with a pencil instead of a marking...
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    Mind Blown

    This seems like the better product. Makes more sense to me to have the snap-off blade style for readying a fresh pencil edge. Added to my Lee Valley ever-growing wishlist of products. I trust them and like nearly everything they sell.
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    Laguna 14|12 w/ Mobility Kit - $1000 (Raleigh) -- GONE

    Not mine.
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    Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    Project Farm is one of my favorite youtube channels and put out a video last week about testing sharpeners. Worth the watch. He has the HF sharpener in there that he liked for the price point.
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    Need help tuning a bandsaw

    I found this video quite helpful:
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    Wallpaper trimming tool. Not sure on the date though.
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    Flooring Contractors that specialize with historic flooring? (1860's) - Raleigh Area

    Awesome, thank you! I will keep their information saved.
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    Wood tools

    The 'For Sale / Wanted' forum would be a good spot if you are interested in marketing them to members here. Otherwise craigslist/FB Marketplace.
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    Flooring Contractors that specialize with historic flooring? (1860's) - Raleigh Area

    Wasn't sure where the best spot for this, but figure folks here may be able to give some answers. I recently moved into a home that was built in the 1860s, with original wood & brick flooring. The home was restored 20-30 years ago, but I unfortunately have no records of the past owners...
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    Router Rabbet bit recommendation (is it rabbit or rabbet?)

    Whiteside Bits. High quality and also right here in NC. Looks like they have many options for rabbet bits.
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    Chisel sharpener

    I have one of the cheapo honing guides like Chris linked (Got mine off Amazon). However I have been trying to practice to do all my regular sharpening by hand. If I need to repair an edge then I'll use a guide, but normal 'in-between' sharpenings just go free hand. It takes just as long to set...
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    I get my propane from TR Lee in Clayton. Prices have been $1.80-$2.20 so far. I'm happy with them as a company. I don't own the tank but it's a lease with them, no lease costs as long as we get our propane from them. I haven't had a reason to shop around. Last time I needed a fill, I called in...
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    Oscillating Multi Tool?

    I don't own it, but I have heard repeatedly that the Fein Multimaster is one of the best. It's more expensive though -- $165 for the 250W model or $270 for the 350W model. Though personally I would match with whatever battery tool system you have. Makita for me.
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    Dovetail Saw Question

    There was a recent thread discussing dovetail saws. Might be worth looking through. My saw is 15 and seems perfect, so between 14 or 20 I would say 14.
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    One note with LN -- They are very true to their stock. With COVID impact, their tools are selling just as fast as they can make them. And their website is truthful about when something is in stock. So if you want something, it might be worth checking back every day to see if things change. They...
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    Dovetail saw recommendations
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    I really like my Lie-Nielsen saw. I use the non-tapered version. I used Japanese saws for about a year or two before switching. Very happy with my choice. I don't like the plastic spine with the Veritas saws. I'm sure they are quality saws like most everything Veritas makes, but the Lie-Nielsen...
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    Favorite Bandsaw Guides?

    Haven't used these, but saw them posted when people were comparing Grizzly to Laguna and the ceramic guide blocks, as an option. So if you want to swap to ceramic guide blocks like Laguna, there's an option.

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