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    End Grain & Glue Myths

    Not sure if anyone else saw this but it is interesting and surely counter to what we commonly hear/believe. I think a piece of this study missing is how the cut quality and accuracy of how square the cuts are of a typical butt joint mating surfaces that would play a role in the integrity of the...
  2. J

    Sapele & Iron Pipe Computer Desk

    After I built my computer desk from ambrosia maple my wife wanted one for her new office only she wanted it to make the dark cedar portion of the shelves I built her years ago. She likes that industrial pipe look, thick top and wanted this new desk to match....for the record I cannot stand...
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    Wood Movement vs Bowtie Inlays

    Background I'm building a computer for my wife and the top is 65"x33" using 8/4 sapele. The top is glued up from 4 boards. While there are no cracks/checking my wife likes the look of the bowtie inlays (butterfly keys, Dutchman, etc...) and wants them added. I'm familiar with using these to...
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    What would be fair prices ?

    Heading to the Hillsville Flea Market this weekend to hunt for the following to put to use and wondering what fair pricing (or too expensive) would be in your opinion. I am fine doing restoration work (rust removal and glueing cracked totes/knobs) for each but want them to otherwise be in...
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    Which router for INCRA "the works" router table fence combo ?

    I have planned on purchasing the INCRA router table & fence combo 3 that they call "the works" (the inches version) using the Mast-R-Lift II Router Lift when I build my shop. I had planned on getting the PC 7518 as a dedicated router for this setup but I've been hearing about more recent quality...
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    Plane Sole Flatening

    I have a Stanley No. 4 Type 10 and the tote cracked during my last project so afterwards I epoxyed it and decided to restore the plane. I really liked the old patina but like the look of being semi-restored as well. I decided to check the flatness of the sole (not that I've had any noticeable...
  7. J

    Spokeshave Suggestion ?

    Hey, I'm wanting to make a new handle for an old hammer. Will be using some scrap maple and wanted to have a look that's not too refined & smooth but rather you can see the plane lines/where shaved angles meet (if you know what I'm talking about....if not I'll try and find a picture to explain)...
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    Old 14" HB Bandsaw Restoration (maybe)

    Sorry for the long post. I know many eyes glaze over at such a long post but the point is right below in my request. My in-laws had an old Harbor Freight purchased "Delco" 14" bandsaw that have noticed sitting for over 20 yrs that I wanted to restore for periodic use. I thought it would be much...
  9. J

    Great video for finishing tips (includes what to look for in upholstered furniture)

    Enjoy ! I'm working on a project now where I'll learn the answer to this shortly, and many of you I'm sure already know, but they didn't talk about finishes, dyes or stains when the surface is not sanded but just smoothed via hand plane. My guess is the dye penetration and finishing (top coat)...
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    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    A few months ago I built a MDF (4 layers of 3/4") work bench to have a flatter & much sturdier work surface than I had before. It's been wonderful working on but I messed up drilling by hand a few of the dog holes & holdfast holes. I believe part of the issue was using very old/dull 3/4"...
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    Jet Parallel Clamps at Klingspor's WS

    Just letting everyone know that Klingspor's in WS has Jet parallel clamps (24 & 31") 2pk on sale pretty close to 2 for the price of 1 !!!
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    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    I've been using this COVID lock down time (working from home) to practice my hand cut joinery (between meetings ;)). I was tired of having to get all of my tools out of storage when needed and decided to make small tool totes. One for my router plane set, one for my hand planes and one to house...
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    Upholstered Furniture Building Help

    I'm looking into building my own customer sized to fit sofa/couch w/ large ottoman (with top opening for storage) for our future home. We don't want to pay $4k+, I've found a local upholster but need to know frame construction methodologies. I've searched this forum as well as LumberJocks and...
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    Knew Concepts fret saw blades (not coping saw)?

    Hey, I've not really been able to find much researching what blades folks like best and why for the Knew Concepts fret saws (3", 5" or 8" Mk II or IV not their coping saw). Most of what I see says go with the Pegas brand and skip tooth but nothing really discussing which TPI 15 (which it comes...
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    Planing board w/ changing grain direction

    I’m trying to true up a piece of birch for practicing hand cut joinery and just wanted to plane the edge grain for the heck of it to make it feel smooth. In doing so I noticed the grain goes from uphill to downhill on the same face due to a knot on the board’s face. I’ve tried a Stanley #4...
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    Harvey Woodworking Machinery

    Anyone familiar with this brand ? Just recently heard about them and noticed there's a dealer in NC at the wood working school referenced on this site. Looks like they're trying to compete somewhat with Grizzly due to the option to buy direct & some of their pricing on certain tool lines...
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    Kinetic Sculptures

    Very interesting Enjoy
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    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Hey, If you're like me and have been very confused or overwhelmed when trying to first learn about/understand wood coatings then know that I have a great opportunity coming my way next week (1/23/2020). I'll be having lunch with someone that is an expert the wood coatings industry and can...
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    Workshop size for building king size beds

    Hey, looking for input on those the may regularly build king size beds. I’ve got a new workshop planned that’s a 30’x40’ (10’ ceiling) as I feel this would be a comfortable size to build & finish a king size platform bed. I built one (also a queen) in my previous 14×24 shop but it was far too...
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    Fire Starter

    Nothing like beautiful good smelling very dry hand plane shavings collection to start a fire. Marshmallows ready to go. Fall is near.

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