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    Laguna 14|12 w/ Mobility Kit - $1000 (Raleigh) -- GONE

    Not mine.
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    Flooring Contractors that specialize with historic flooring? (1860's) - Raleigh Area

    Wasn't sure where the best spot for this, but figure folks here may be able to give some answers. I recently moved into a home that was built in the 1860s, with original wood & brick flooring. The home was restored 20-30 years ago, but I unfortunately have no records of the past owners...
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    A Treat For Myself -- My First Lie-Nielsen

    After several years, I've finally decided to treat myself a bit and purchase a LN Plane. Boy am I glad I did. I've always been a fan of finding a piece of history and tuning up an old Stanley. One of my favorite planes in my shop has been my Type 8 No. 6 Stanley. However sometimes the time...
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    New Member in Raleigh

    Hello friends! Stumbled across this forum a while ago and it seems like a great community so I'm excited to join it. My name is Eric from the Raleigh area, out by Clayton. Wife and I recently bought our first home, so I've been working on outfitting our garage for my workshop. I'm relatively...

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