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    Looking for ideas

    you can (or used to could) purchase the post office doors (I think i got mine on ebay like. 10 years ago).. Then you make the frame around it. I made some for my kids and neice and nephew when they were born. They love em now. (they didn't care when they were first born though)
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    Looking for ideas

    A Post Office bank, for future savings.. (not mine.. but i have made some similar)
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    Looking for someone to do an Amish finish in Hickory / Newton area

    I will get a picture of the table posted. Also, I will get some more information on the finish technique. I got the walnut years ago from some guy named Jeff :) Thanks for checking this out. Clay
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    Looking for someone to do an Amish finish in Hickory / Newton area's me. Had to put woodworking down. Moved out of central Nc last year. I'm still kicking though.
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    Looking for someone to do an Amish finish in Hickory / Newton area

    I have rustic walnut table that I made that currently has a polyurethane finish, I want to get it refinished with an Amish style post-catalized conversion varnish finish. Wanting to see if someone local to Hickory area could do it for me. Clay
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    UPDATED 10,000-15,000 BF walnut

    I'd be willing to get some as well. Probably.. 100bf.
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    Who Are You?

    Welcome back Jeff! I'm glad you're here.
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    Stepping down?

    Good for you Tom... I read your post, and said.. Fred.. Fred... do I know a Fred... should I know a Fred.... <re-read post>... oh.. duh.. Freud! I know him very well! Congrats Tom. I'm glad for you, and your family.
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    Maybe we need a new forum

    To add a Venting forum, would only invite people to well... "vent". I guarantee it will be vicious, volatile, political, religious, demeaning to some, whatever. I stand firmly against a venting forum.
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    Were you once like me?

    Hi welcome to the site. I know for a fact that we have several great members in your area. I look forward to seeing some pictures of your work.
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    The trek begins...

    Be sure you get a good photo journal of your trip... you know how we are...
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    TIP: attaching paper templates (band saw, scroll saw, etc.)

    I just did some scroll sawing, and I put the blue painters tape on instead of packing tape. It left no residue behind at all. I like that much better than applying the spray glue on the wood. Down side, is that the blue tape is a bit pricy.
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    Fair Warning...

    Just wondering Scott... was the cause of the fire determined? Just something I wondered.
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    Fair Warning...

    Holy crap Scott! I think this is by far the most serious case of Wood Guy Disease ever recorded. I think the strain has mutated into Super Woodguy Disease.... Everyone.... Stay away from New Hill.. I repeat... STAY FAR away from New Hill! He's still contagious.
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    Early Anniversary Present( edited)

    Ohhhhhh.... Ahhhhhhhhhh,...... I wonder how I can pull the same trick off... Nice score mac!
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    Fair Warning...

    I too have seen the building. I can imagine what could fit under that. Got any sneak peeks on what's coming back?
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    And The Winner Is..........

    Well... I saw the 2, and got excited. but those last 2 numbers really spoiled me. It's not me... I guess I'll have to hit my wife up for that new router table now
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    Freud Customer Service - WOW! = Gloat

    I too, am glad to hear another good customer service story. We need more. Businesses may be getting the idea that they have to treat their customers like each one is a goldmine... cause... they are!
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    There's a winner in here somewhere!

    shake it up good.. bring my ticket right up to the top!!!! Or middle.. or bottom... or where ever the winner is pulled from!
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    Walnut Nightstand

    Sweet! Thanks Mac! I'll keep that in mind. Ahh... Dave, your question are easy to answer. The overhang... definitely a photo bug when I reduced the size of the picture for upload. And running the grain horizontal... That was out of necessity. The only pieces of walnut I had left was just...

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