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    In need of a couple 1" disks turned

    Thanks guys! Tim, I'll send you a PM.
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    In need of a couple 1" disks turned

    I need a 1" thick disk turned that is 7 7/8" inch in diameter. Would like it in oak or some other kind of hard wood. The second one I need is 1" by 7 3/4" in a hard wood. If some one close to Charlotte can help me out please let me know. Thanks!
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    33,000 hours and counting!

    Perhaps he has just a touch of OCD.
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    New shop addition (good deal gloat)

    It just dawned on me why its called a cabinet saw. Nice job!
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    I can't make money in woodworking

    Doing it the way you want to is a good attitude to have. When we start doing what we love as a hobby for a living it becomes a job. And then it doesn't usually seem as fun anymore.
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    new crib for my latest grandchild

    Very nice job! That White Oak looks great!
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    Dovetail Jigs??

    Tracy I have the PC 4212 if you want to come check it out before you buy one. I bought the Woodriver el cheapo from Woodcraft and that was a complete waste of money. I tried for 2 days and a lot of scrap wood to make it work with no luck. My first try with the PC 4212 was very very close to...
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    Some Of My Banks

    Very nice looking banks even if some of them aren't "piggie" banks!
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    Tiger Maple Vanity

    ooooh that looks nice. I love tiger maple!
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    Crib is finished

    Michael I started with 100 bf and have maybe 20 left. I did bungle a few pieces along the way so I could have had more left. Still working on the measure twice and cut once thing but haven't master it yet.:rotflm: I didn't make anything but the crib and will worry about the other two pieces...
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    Crib is finished

    Thanks for the comments everyone!! They really mean a lot! Shayne, I did buy the 3-in-1 crib plans and when I started looking at them I decided not to use them per say. I did use some of the mesaurements for the dimensions of the sides but not much else. Steve, the hardware came from...
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    Crib is finished

    Well by butt isn't going to be toast after all! I have the crib finished and set up. It is all Cherry with 1/4" plywood on the top of the mattress support. Stained with red mahogany and wipe on poly. This started as rough Cherry that I worked down into what you see. The slats are mortised...
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    Chest of drawers finished...

    Thanks guys and gals your comments mean a lot!!! Here are a few details on the chest. I bought Norm's Four drawer shest plans after watching the show on its build several times (I have is saved on the DVR). The sides, top and inner parts are plywood. The drawer fronts, feet and molding are...
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    Chest of drawers finished...

    That chest is the first piece of finished furniture I have ever made. All of my building so far has been shop pieces like work tables, benches and shelves. To actually have built a piece of furniture feels strangely satisfying.
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    Chest of drawers finished...

    Well I finally finished the chest of drawers for my daughter that is due in less than two weeks. I made quite a few mistakes and learned a lot about wood working and myself in the process. It isn't on par with a lot of the work I have seen you guys do but I am quite proud of it, mistakes and...
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