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  1. J

    Wanting a Vacuum Chuck for Woodturning

    I highly recommend Frugal vacuum systems, here's the website: Frugal Vacuum Pump-Home You can buy full kits or parts to build a system.
  2. J

    Cheese Board Mania! aka Charcuterie Boards - with updates

    Those all look great but I'd be a bit concerned with the cross grain glue ups, those are a failure waiting to happen.
  3. J

    Wood turning group near Raleigh

    Be aware that the Woodturners Guild of North Carolina is only meeting virtually at this time, according to the website, it's uncertain when they will resume in person meetings.
  4. J

    (SOLD) Powermatic 3520b... $2000

    That's a smoking deal, under priced by $1,000 with the included extras.
  5. J

    Anyone know a good furniture touch up person?

    It's a little difficult to tell from the pictures but it looks like the case was made from MDF and wrapped, it's not really a finish at all. The white area looks like paper, could have been printed with a gloss UV coating to give it that shine and then glued/ laminated to the case. I could be...
  6. J

    Plane plain facts?

    My latest obsession is watching Rob Cosman videos on using hand planes (and hand cutting dovetails). Rob worked for LN in the 80's and after that had a hand in designing the Wood River planes. He has several videos on planes and one I watched recently comparing refurbishing a classic Stanley...
  7. J


    I have a Supermax 19-38 that I bought used, the previous owner had hook and loop on it, I spent hours stripping it off and cleaning off the adhesive. With the hook and loop, the paper doesn't lay flat on the drum, instead it's off the drum by whatever thickness the hook and loop is...and this...
  8. J

    Purchasing pen supply

    The best place to get pen supplies is Exotic Blanks, ExoticBlanks They carry pen kits from all the manufacturers (including what you see on Penn State), they have quantity discounts that count all kits purchased, not just those of the same kind. They carry wood, resin and laser cut blanks along...
  9. J

    Turning Tools & Handles

    As was said earlier, what you are going to turn and how often does make a difference in tool choice. I've been turning for 15 years or so, I've turned just about everything from pens to bowls to hollow forms to spindle work ect. There are really only a few tools needed, but there tons of...
  10. J

    Nova chucks

    I have an SN2 and a G3, I keep 100mm jaws on the SN2 and it'll handle anything you turn on your Nova lathe. Be aware that the SN2 & G3 jaws are interchangeable but not on the Titan, those jaws are different. A consideration to think about is the size of stuff you want to turn. The Nova DVR has...
  11. J

    Advice for small 2 stage dust collection ... shop vac size

    After seeing this video a while back, I spent some time putting one together, I needed a new shop vac anyway. It works really well, the bucket is quick and easy to empty, almost nothing ends up in the shop vac. I can suck up shavings from turning easily and there are adapters available to hook...
  12. J

    Laser Engraving

    You are correct, there is a new larger NEJE machine out, I haven't see pricing for it yet. NEJE has a 7watt, 20watt and I think a 30watt laser head available. The 3.5watt that I have is good for engraving wood and similar stuff, the 7watt will engrave non-reflective metal and the 20watt will cut...
  13. J

    Laser Engraving

    I have a NEJE Master 3500 that is a 3.5watt laser, it can laser around a 6" x 6" area, works well for doing cutting boards, pens and other small stuff. It's fairly easy to use, hooks up to a laptop. There is a woman in CA that has a website that caries them, her name is Nancy, she's very...
  14. J

    Bowl Question

    In woodturning, shape and form are everything. When looking at a piece, imagine if you painted it black, would it still look good? You can look at all the classic shapes and forms of early pottery for inspiration. I heard a demonstrator say once that there are no "new" shapes/forms, anything...
  15. J

    Wanting to make a salt and pepper mill

    I've gotten mill kits from WoodCraft and Craft Supplies, those are very much the same and both work well. I've also made a pepper mill with a Crushgrind mechanism. There is a difference between the two styles, the Woodcraft and Craft supplies kits will have nut at the top to adjust the grind...
  16. J

    More Cherry Burl

    An oil finish would look really good on that burl, I use Minwax Teak oil (it has some UV inhibitors). I generally put on 3 good coats letting it soak in for 15 minutes each time and waiting 24 hours between coats. After that cures for at least a week you can buff with Tripoli and white diamond...
  17. J

    Bradford Pear

    Very nice bowl, nice shape. I've turned some Bradford Pear also and as you noted, is scratches easily when sanding. One note on the soap soak, you can get clear soap in big bottles at Costco. I soak wet wood in a 50/50 mixture of the Costco dish washing soap and water, works really well to...
  18. J

    Jet wet sharpener

    Phil, I'd like to get $100 for it. If you put the CBN wheel on it you don't need water so there wouldn't be the rust problem. It's too bad they didn't make it with stainless steel arbor and hardware, the machine works well otherwise.
  19. J

    Jet wet sharpener

    Phil, I would be interested in selling it. I did get the nut off using heat and an air impact, I have another nut but the threads will have to be cleaned up and it will be good to go. I have the leather strop wheel and some jigs, it has the additional base with drawers, here's a picture before I...
  20. J

    Jet wet sharpener

    I have a Jet wet sharpener (similar to the Tormek) that I've had for several years. I used it to sharpen turning tools and have since gone to a Wolverine system so I don't use the Jet anymore. The stone wheel cracked so I'll need to replace, I'm pretty sure the Grizzly or Tormek stone wheels...

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