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    In need of a couple 1" disks turned

    I need a 1" thick disk turned that is 7 7/8" inch in diameter. Would like it in oak or some other kind of hard wood. The second one I need is 1" by 7 3/4" in a hard wood. If some one close to Charlotte can help me out please let me know. Thanks!
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    Crib is finished

    Well by butt isn't going to be toast after all! I have the crib finished and set up. It is all Cherry with 1/4" plywood on the top of the mattress support. Stained with red mahogany and wipe on poly. This started as rough Cherry that I worked down into what you see. The slats are mortised...
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    Chest of drawers finished...

    Well I finally finished the chest of drawers for my daughter that is due in less than two weeks. I made quite a few mistakes and learned a lot about wood working and myself in the process. It isn't on par with a lot of the work I have seen you guys do but I am quite proud of it, mistakes and...
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    Crib progress

    I posted a pic or two of some rough Cherry I had picked up and asked if you guys saw a crib in there some where. Well yesterday I got to the point of putting it together and thought I would share a couple pics of the progress. I still have to build or buy a platform for the mattress, haven't...
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    Norm's miter saw station/workbench

    Has anyone built this? I have both episodes dvr'd and have watched them several times and think it would be a nice addition to my shop. I don't have a RAS so I might have to leave off that part or maybe just build a place for it and have it ready in case I run across one real cheap.
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    Can you see a crib in here somewhere?

    My crib project is under way.... I picked up a 100 bfd of rough Cherry from Internet lumber on monday and just as I got it home it started raining so all I had time to do is stack it against the wall to get it in the dry. Today I cut off a 3' foot end of one of the rougher boards to see...
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    Craftsman mortiser?

    I just got the Craftsman club sales catalog and it is going on sale for $169.99. A quick google search turned up mixed reviews. Does anyone have any experience with the Craftsmans mortiser? I was looking at the Jet mortiser this morning and just about all the reviews on it were positive.
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    how do you estimate board feet for a project?

    I have a couple projects that I want to build and no idea how to estimate the amount of wood I'm gonna need. Is there a method you guys use to get a good idea how much wood to buy? I have a major gloat coming on October and will need to build a crib and changing table/dresser.
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    Another rainy day saturday in the shop project finished

    I finally got back to finishing my assembly table by wrapping it with red oak. It is 4 x 8 and has 2 3/4 sheets of MDF and topped with hard board. The legs and rails were made by glueing together 3.5" strips of 3/4 ply. It is really easy to make a mortise and tennon joint this way until I can...
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    Results of a rainy saturday

    One of my interests is making knives so here are the results of a rainy saturday in the shop. The top on was made with goncalo alves scales and a Helle blade. And the bottom one was made of Zebra wood with an aluminum spacer and a Helle blade.
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    question about the strength of MDF

    I am building an assembly table and plan to use 2 sheets of 3/4" MDF topped with a sheet of 1/8" hardboard. This will be a 4'x8' table that will have 3 full length stretchers supporting the top. The legs and stretchers were made by laminating 3.5" strips of 3/4" ply so I believe they will hold...
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    I love the smell of Danish oil or my new workbench

    Finally I go busy and finished my new work bench and took some pics. I know there are things that I learned and mistakes I made on this one that hopefully I can correct on the next one. The idea for the top came from Bas and I used 2x4's jointed and glued together. It probably wasn't necessary...
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    palm sander question

    OK my 20 year old Black & Decker palm sander finally gave up the ghost and I was at a BORG looking around for a new random orbital sander and saw what was called a sheet sander. There were quite a few more sheet sander on display than random orbit sanders. What is the difference between the two?
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    Charlotte area lumber suppliers

    You guys in northern central NC have Wall lumber which would be about a 4 hour round trip for me. Besides BORGs where in the Charlotte area are my choices for buying lumber?
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    8/4 sawn wood

    What do the numbers 8 and 4 mean? And please don't laugh too hard I really don't know. One of these days I'll have enough experience to consider my self a rookie...
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    My gloat is just a goat

    Well I am still working on the inside on my shop putting up the walls and ceiling and I had plans to show a pic or two of it and the new TS and band saw my wife bought me. The saws were set up the week after Christmas while I had a very large friend over helping me. But as of last night I'm...
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    Another new guy here

    Where to start? I have read this forum for a couple weeks and decided it was time to join and introduce myself. I am a total newbie to making beautiful things from ordinary pieces of wood so I'm probably going to be asking stupid questions and bugging the crap outta you guys for awhile. I have a...

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