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    Jet wet sharpener

    I have a Jet wet sharpener (similar to the Tormek) that I've had for several years. I used it to sharpen turning tools and have since gone to a Wolverine system so I don't use the Jet anymore. The stone wheel cracked so I'll need to replace, I'm pretty sure the Grizzly or Tormek stone wheels...
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    Sold Jamieson hollowing system

    I have a Jamieson hollowing system for sale. This would be the basic system that you see on Lyle's website, I also have the hollow form tool rest and the DVD that goes with it. I used it on my Powermatic 3520, it is adjustable so it should be able to be used on any full size lathe. It works...
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    Segmented bowl

    This is the first of 3 segmented bowls I'm working on, wood is walnut, maple and chatka viga. 18 segments per ring, 12 rings and floating disc in the bottom = 217 pieces. This is the first one finish turned with one coat of oil, 2 more coats of oil over the next couple days and buff a week after...
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    Segmented vessel

    Maple, padauk & mahogany. 7.5" tall 7"wide, buffed oil finish. After 10 years of turning finally getting into the segmented pieces that drew me to turning. I'm happy with the shape, glue joints are good. There is one issue I would change, I'll see if anybody else sees it. Critique away.
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    Jet cabinet saw

    I just picked up a used Jet cabinet saw with 50" rails for the Xacta fence (this is a Biesemeyer clone, rails are the same). Is there anybody interested in trading for 30" rails? I don't have room for the 50", I can cut them off but thought somebody might want to trade. I will also be replacing...
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    Laser engraver for pens

    Hi, I'm looking for a laser engraver that can engrave a pen. Any engravers in the Triangle area that could engrave a pen before the end of August? Thanks,

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