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  1. J

    Recently completed sapele end tables

    beautiful ! those tops are mesmerizing
  2. J

    Sapele & Iron Pipe Computer Desk

    Unfortunately the backorder situation w/ Lee valley hindered me from getting to use the No. 8 on this was very much needed though and I knew I needed it...oh well we do the best we can and learn...we also get to tell our significant others...see I needed the right tool for the job...
  3. J

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch

    Can't make it this time....have fun for me !
  4. J

    End Grain & Glue Myths

    All great points
  5. J

    End Grain & Glue Myths

    Sorry I didn't see it when I searched
  6. J

    End Grain & Glue Myths

    Not sure if anyone else saw this but it is interesting and surely counter to what we commonly hear/believe. I think a piece of this study missing is how the cut quality and accuracy of how square the cuts are of a typical butt joint mating surfaces that would play a role in the integrity of the...
  7. J


    I have had the same issues. A couple options that work: 1. Works best once finished using remove top (unscrew the entire top) to run hot water from the sink through the top until clean, shake dry and reinstall top 2. Pliers work well to crack the dried glue and makes it easy to pull up but...
  8. J

    New Box

    Wow !
  9. J

    Retractable Air Hose Reels

    I got two of these HF versions when they went on sale and they have been flawless in both locations I've been using them. Have had them now for a couple years w/o issue...
  10. J

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch

    not making it this time
  11. J

    Poplar Desk for the Mrs!

    nice work and nice story
  12. J

    Sapele & Iron Pipe Computer Desk

    Thanks everyone !
  13. J

    Sapele & Iron Pipe Computer Desk

    Ha ha ha....yeah I can't believe I had to use pipes on such a pretty top but she's happy
  14. J

    Sapele & Iron Pipe Computer Desk

    After I built my computer desk from ambrosia maple my wife wanted one for her new office only she wanted it to make the dark cedar portion of the shelves I built her years ago. She likes that industrial pipe look, thick top and wanted this new desk to match....for the record I cannot stand...
  15. J

    Canoe - Finished (finally!)

    awesome !
  16. J

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Tuesday

    Can't make this one...too many meetings
  17. J

    Wood Movement vs Bowtie Inlays

    That's comforting from your experience and exactly hat I was looking for (hoping for). I made the bowties last night and plan on starting the insets soon now based off your experience. Thanks !
  18. J

    Wood Movement vs Bowtie Inlays

    Thanks for the reply; but to clarify, I'm not looking to add the bowties here to mitigate movement but rather just for aesthetic reasons and I want to ensure I'm not going to create any issues such as not allowing for any movement that would normally occur. You did remind me that I need to be...
  19. J

    Wood Movement vs Bowtie Inlays

    Background I'm building a computer for my wife and the top is 65"x33" using 8/4 sapele. The top is glued up from 4 boards. While there are no cracks/checking my wife likes the look of the bowtie inlays (butterfly keys, Dutchman, etc...) and wants them added. I'm familiar with using these to...
  20. J


    Colossians 4:6 - Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

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