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    Anyone want to use my lathe?

    I have an older lathe from Central Machinery (model 123) which I haven't used in years. Not sure that I want to sell it but I thought someone might want to use it to try their hand at turning. It has 5 speeds and I think the bed is 3', maybe a little longer. I have a set of gouges also. I...
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    100 year old window sash

    I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in making some wooden window sashes for me. I am quite willing to pay. My house turns 100 this year. I spent a lot of time and work restoring the house about 20 years ago. I also re-glazed all the windows. But now I have 3 with rotten lower...
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    question about powder post beetle.

    Do ppb's ever just go away on their own? I have some pecan lumber that showed the tell tale signs of ppb. I moved it back in October to clean it up and see exactly what I had. It's been cut and stacked for 30 years. Since moving it I have seen no more signs of bugs. Just wondering if they left...
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    Does this count as a woodworking accident?

    I have a large piece of cherry that was intended to be fire wood but because of it's unique shape I decided to try to make a table from it instead of burning it. I scraped away all the dead outer wood and wire brushed it and sanded it and was satisfied with it. But... I left it sitting in the...
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    anyone want some privet?

    I recently cut down a large, tall privet bush. It was forked with about 6 trunk logs. There are some pieces up to 8" diameter, but they are only 2 or 3' in length. The wood is heavy and seems to be very dense. It might make some good handles or mallets. I've left the stump(s) about 3 or 4'...
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    veneer repair?

    I have an old dresser needing veneer replacement. It has 2 small drawers and 2 large drawers. Nothing fancy, just flat panels. The veneer is almost completely gone on the 2 large drawers and is a little loose on one of the small drawers and there is a loose spot on the top. I'd like to have...
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    How do I access the lst of sawyers?

    How does one access the list of sawyers on this site? I have 9 cherry logs that are too heavy for me to move and load so I'm looking for someone with a portable mill who can come here to saw the logs. Thanks
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    free maple tree and free sycamore tree

    There are 2 trees along the field behind my house that I would like to remove. One is a maple that is about 24" at the stump. The trunk log is about 8' long to crook above which is maybe another 4' to 6' of log. The second is a sycamore that is roughly 20" at the stump and has about 8' of good...
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    source for rigid plastic panels

    I'd like to use some rigid transparent plastic, acrylic or plexiglass panels to enclose the front of a screened shelter to help keep out rain during heavy thunderstorms. I'd like the panels to be at least 1/16" thick. My plan is to use something like mirror clips to hold them in place. I'd...
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    pp beetles, any kilns in eastern NC

    I have some cherry lumber that's been cut, stacked and stickered for 15 years. I've been gradually using it to make kitchen cabinets but I've noticed lately that there are small piles of sawdust here and there. The beetles may just be in the sap wood but I need them gone. Are there any kilns...
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    Source for treated 1 x 8 ?

    Does anyone know of a source for treated 1 x 8 in the general area of Raleigh, Wilson, Rocky Mount of Louisburg? I'm sort of in between those places. I need about 14 ten footers. Nashville Building Supply told me they hadn't been able to get 1 x 8 treated for years, I was told Builder's...
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    Free cherry pieces

    I've found a large dead cherry in the woods which I have started to cut up for firewood. The limbs and top had rotted away before the tree fell over. I was surprised when I cut into the trunk log and found it's about 90% solid. It is not a straight log - lots of slight crooks in it. I have...
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    Any basket makers here

    I'm in the process of cutting what looks like a couple of miles worth of vines growing all around my house. I've used them in the past to make baskets but have way more than I'll ever need. There is honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, trumpet vine, grape vine, something I can't identify (and even...
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    free small pecan logs

    I have a pecan which was blown over 1 1/2 years ago by one of the hurricanes (Irene?). It was mowed by a bush hog about 30 years ago and came back up in 5 shoots. In spite of being on the ground so long it's still alive and had nuts last summer. I've got to clean it up and it will all be...
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    cedar lumber question

    I have 2 large dead cedar trees in my yard from which I want to mill lumber. One tree has been cut down and cleaned up and yielded a log 24" x 8'. The other is still standing and looks like about 28" diameter by about 6' or 7' of length in the trunk log. I will likely sell a lot of it. So...
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    wiring advice?

    I hired a guy to do some (mostly) electrical work a while back and he did a good job. Later I got him to come back again to handle some repairs I couldn't do. Then about 6 weeks ago I got him to come over to remove the light/vent over my stove. It had been wired so we had the light but the...
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    transplanting blackberries

    I have a bed full of blackberry plants that have spread out of the bed and into the grass. They are first year canes with no blooms. I need them moved but don't want to kill them. Anyone know how deep the roots are? If they are shallow I can slide the flat shovel under them and get them up...
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    Question about cedar

    I have 2 large dead cedars in my yard which I plan to mill into lumber (one of these days). I will keep some of it but likely sell most of it. What would be the best demensions to saw it? I have some cedar that was milled into (4/4) random lenghts and widths, but I was thinking it might be...
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    Maple and Sycamore

    I have 2 trees hanging out over a field edge and I am planning to cut them down. One is a maple about 16" at the stump and about 12"-13" at the end of the trunk log which is about 8'. The other is a sycamore about 18" at the stump and maybe 15" at the end of the trunk log which is about...
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    walnut bowls

    My mother told me the other day that someone told her that walnut was not good for bowls spoons, cutting boards, or anything that would come in contact with food. Is there any truth to that? I can see where there is potential for it to impart it's own taste to food (if you're a careless cook...

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