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  1. TN Woodie

    Grizzly Drum Sander 1/2 price

    Sorry guys, but once again, this is in knoxville, but it seems like a good deal. A Grizzly 24" dual drum sander for $750.
  2. TN Woodie

    Powermatic Table Saw $800

    Just saw a big Powermatic table saw, Knoxville craigslist. Not real close for you guys in NC but may be a great deal? It's north of Cherokee Lake, East of Knoxville.
  3. TN Woodie

    Laguna 24" Bandsaw 1/2 price Says the list is 5399, selling for 2699. It's brand new. Greeneville TN.
  4. TN Woodie

    20% off one item at

    Enter code V1963 at checkout for 20% off one regular priced item. (some exclusions, as usual)
  5. TN Woodie

    Dewalt Planer for $200, Knoxville

    This just in from craigslist. A dewalt 735 for 200 bucks.
  6. TN Woodie

    Aligning Shelix Head on Planer

    After looking carefully at the alignment on the Ridgid jointer I just got, (See Gloat) I wasn't satisfied with the adjustment of the cutters to the table. It seemed to need to be aligned. On the original cutter head, with knives, I understand that the jack screws under the knives would change...
  7. TN Woodie

    Gloat? Ridgid Jointer/Planer

    I found this puppy on Craigslist yesterday. For the price of the Shelix cutter head, I got that, the jointer, the Shopfox mobile base, and the original cutter head. I think, not bad.
  8. TN Woodie

    Delta Saw with Incra Fence Apparently not a unisaw, but cabinet with router lift and incra fence. Seems pretty good to me for $800.
  9. TN Woodie

    Powermatic Saw in Johnson City, TN $1850.00 - Table Saw: Powermatic PM2000 w/52" Rails NEW Model: 1791999 3HP single phase cabinet saw. Includes: 52" Rails, ACCU-Fence, Extension Table and Legs This is still partially crated, and in great shape. Saw is still mounted to...
  10. TN Woodie

    Delta 60 T Crosscut Blade

    Delta 35-7646 10 Inch 60T Crosscut Circular Saw Blade On Tooliday: With shipping, $32.99
  11. TN Woodie

    closed thread

    I was hoping to continue the thread on the new house/workshop as an historical log of the progress. Why was it closed?
  12. TN Woodie

    A couple of things at Lowe's

    I ran into a couple of closeouts at Lowe's this afternoon, in Jefferson City TN. Bench Dog 4-1 Feather boards for $6.24 Quick Grip Clamps, (The heavier duty 6", old style) 2 for $9.98 I bought some of each.
  13. TN Woodie

    Milwaukee Router

    It is a 5616 that I got a good deal on about a year ago and it has been sitting in the case .... I think that it was from Home Depot online and about $150. But is has been a while. I got it out to use it this weekend and I like it! I got the multi base kit. Sweet soft start, much quieter...
  14. TN Woodie

    kiln drier

    I think I would like to get some of the white oak from the property dried so I will be able to use it for the trim in the new house. I haven't been able to find anyone to dry it here in East TN, at least not yet. Any one have any suggestions?
  15. TN Woodie

    New House/Shop ... Roof... Photo Update 4/15

    OK, I am building a new shop, is should be 70 x 28 with a garage door at one end. It will also double as the support for the walls of our new house. Yes, this is a basement, full daylight on two sides and will be shop and working garage as there is also a garage on the main level that will be...
  16. TN Woodie

    LS1013FL, 299 at Home Depot

    Wandering through Home Depot yesterday and noticed the Makita CSMS has been marked down dramatically. From over $500 to $299. I have no idea if this is a local closeout or what, but they had several available in the Morristown TN store. I paid more for mine.:gar-Cr
  17. TN Woodie

    Incra 1000SE $95.37

    You never know how long anything like this will last, but for right now anyway: On
  18. TN Woodie

    King Size Bed

    A friend of mine in Asheville is very interested in finding someone to make this bed for him. I will forward messages to him from this site. His preference would be walnut (since most of his other bedroom furniture is walnut). Hix second choice would be mahogany. He does NOT need whoever...
  19. TN Woodie

    Woodwright Shop

    This is one of my favorite shows. Just found I can watch online. I hope this is news to some people and I am not the last to find it.
  20. TN Woodie

    A visitor this morning

    Luckily, she is dead.

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